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Royal Enfield Files for ‘Shotgun’ Trademark

Royal Enfield 650cc cruiser

Could a Royal Enfield Shotgun Be On the Way?

Could Royal Enfield be getting their ducks in a row to bring us a cruiser-style motorcycle? Could it be named the ‘Shotgun’? Trademark filings reveal that Royal Enfield has secured the name ‘Shotgun’ to be used for “motorcycles, motorized scooters, and electrically powered vehicles”.

A cruiser-style motorcycle has been recently spotted out in the wild per, and all of its styling cues point towards it being the property of Royal Enfield. This could quite possibly be the model that will be granted the powerful and rugged ‘Shotgun’ title, but at this point, there is no way to know for sure.

Thanks to spy shots from, we can see that the mystery R.E. that was spotted in the streets holds a much larger engine than what we’ve found from the brand’s most recent 350cc endeavors. This bike is most likely going to share the same powerhouse as found in the Continental GT and Interceptor 650.

Not only has R.E. filed for the Shotgun, but there is also a large assortment of other names they have been pursuing. Filings also reveal that the Indian motorcycle manufacturer has trademarked Sherpa, Flying Flea, Hunter, and Roadster. I think it’s pretty obvious that the Sherpa will be a larger Himalayan, featuring the brand’s very own 650cc twin much like the Shotgun, but again, this is all theory-crafting at this point.

We’ll have to wait and see if Royal Enfield plans on bringing official word of the Shotgun to light in the near future, but in the meantime, we will be on the lookout for any more hints.