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Royal Enfield Already has 8,000 Meteor 350 Pre-Bookings

royal enfield meteor

People Are Excited

Royal Enfield recently released the Meteor 350, and it seems people are pretty excited. The company has 8,000 pre-bookings for the bike, according to GaadiWaadi.

This bike is a 350 cruiser from Royal Enfield. The bike will get its start in India and then go to Europe and even the U.S. It seems like it will be a smash hit at this point. 

Honda has recently challenged Royal Enfield with its own CB 350, and the company was pleased to have around 1,000 pre-orders for the bike. Royal Enfield has put that to shame, in part, likely due to the Meteor 350’s lower price point.

It could be some time before Royal Enfield could get to these new bikes. The company is currently in a backlog due to parts supply. The current wait time for the new Meteor 350 is about a month. With Royal Enfield planning several new bikes, it will be interesting to see how it manages to meet demand in 2021 as people place orders for these machines.

It will likely be a while before the Meteor 350 makes its way Stateside, but I’m looking forward to it. I doubt I’ll be trading in my own Honda for the Royal Enfield, but I’ll certainly be tempted.