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Motorcycle riding course now on mobile app

Computer riding course app

An online American rider training course introduced in 2014 on desktop is now available on an app for Apple and Android mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation online Basic eCourse has been taken by more than 60,000 students in 39 countries, from Australia to Uruguay.

The interactive three-hour Basic eCourse costs $US19.99 at and includes an introduction to the basics of motorcycling theory and practice.

It is not designed to replace a hands-on course, but as a handy adjunct to teach the basic skills and help potential riders decide whether motorcycling is right for them.

While the eCourse is not accredited anywhere in Australia, it wouldn’t hurt for potential riders to check it out and get their skills honed for a riding course.

In the US, the eCourse is a component of the MSF Basic RiderCourse (BRC) which includes five hours of classroom discussion and 10 hours of hands-on riding skill and judgment exercises.

It consists of audio, captioned narration, photos, graphics, video and more.

Computer riding course app

MSF training systems VP Ray Ochs says the MSF Basic eCourse gives potential motorcyclists a “head start on understanding the basics of motorcycling”.

It also prepares them for a hands-on course.

“As always, MSF’s ultimate goal is to develop motorcyclists with great skill and judgment and reduce the frequency of motorcycle crashes to zero,” he says.

“We believe accessible online training and education is another meaningful way to achieve that.” 

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is a non-profit organisation that promotes safety through rider training and education, operator licensing tests and public information programs.

For general motorcycle safety information or for US citizens to enrol in the nearest RiderCourse, visit or call (800) 446-9227.