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Riders urged to keep social distance

Social distance

Riders in most states can now go for a limited ride and can even take a pillion, but they still have to social distance when they stop for fuel, coffee or a takeaway.

There is no need to go to the lengths of Indian rider Partha Saha, 39, to maintain a social stance from his pillion.

Partha bought an old bike from a scrap dealer and lengthened it by a metre to social distance his daughter for their ride to school, instead of taking the crowded school bus.

Social distance
Partha lengthens his motorcycle

Social distance

In Australia, authorities don’t see any problem with riders taking a pillion so long as it is a member of your household.

However, NSW and Queensland have stipulated that you should only ride with one other rider or several if they are from your household.

We’re not sure how you can transmit coronavirus while riding.

But more importantly, riders and pillions must practise social distancing when they stop.

Social distance Hugh Douglas Mt Glorious Cafe cops
Maintain social distance unless they are your partner!

That is why authorities would like to see riding group numbers limited.

In Western Australia, riders can ride in groups of up to 10, so long as they social distance when they stop.

Crowded cafesSocial distance Hugh Douglas Mt Glorious Cafe cops

Because riders have been detained at home for so long, many took to the roads yesterday and stopped at their favourite cafe where it can be difficult to maintain social distance.

Mt Glorious Cafe owner Hugh Douglas said staff used a loud hailer to remind riders to keep their distance.Social distance Hugh Douglas Mt Glorious Cafe cops

They also used it to call out when food and drink orders were ready so customers didn’t need to congregate by the collection window.

The cafe had been closed for a few weeks after a local complained to police about the lack of social distance among patrons.Social distance Hugh Douglas Mt Glorious Cafe cops

However, Hugh says the resident is a “vexatious complainant” and he would dig his heels in this time and not close.

The police were called yesterday, but they didn’t have any problem with the behaviour of the large gathering of riders.

Social distance Hugh Douglas Mt Glorious Cafe cops
Hugh talks with police

“The police were pretty happy with everything they saw and how we were trying to reinforce social distance,” Hugh says.

“They hung around for a while and watched as we were making announcements with loud hailer when people bunched up

“We’ve had no visits from the cops today so hoping that everything is ok.

“It’s not as busy as yesterday, anyway.”

Reports coming in from other riders around Queensland and NSW seem to match this situation of riders taking to the roads yesterday and having difficulty social distancing at cafes and other stops.

Queensland Police say they don’t break down the fines to whether they were motorbike riders and how far they’ve travelled, or the circumstances.

However, they issued 32 fines for breaching public health direction infringements yesterday.

NSW Police media say they have not experienced any problems with motorcyclists.

“If riders are congregating, police aren’t being told to the extent that it’s being passed on to us (yet),” they say.