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Riders asked to submit to safety inquiry

Tasmania launches road safety inquiry

Wide of the Mark film custom motorcycles Tasmania

Riders from all states, not just Tasmanian residents, have been urged to contribute to a Tasmanian Road Safety Inquiry given the state is a Mecca for riders from all over Australia. 

The Tasmanian Legislative Council last week announced the inquiry after the Apple Isle recorded six rider deaths to the end of May this year, compared with two for the same time in the past couple of years.

While numbers are small, the government says the state has 6.6 road deaths per 100,000 population which is among the highest in the nation.

However, Australian Motorcycle Council chairman Shaun Lennard who has long fought for rider safety issues and attended many national and international road safety summits cautions about knee-jerk responses to statistics.

Shaun Lennard AMC chairman
Shaun Lennard AMC chairman

“We see numbers fluctuate from year to year. It’s important to look at longer term trends, and with road safety we commonly look at five years,” he says. 

“It would be useful to know what are the key factors in these crashes and if there are common threads.”

Shaun says safe infrastructure is vital for vulnerable riders, but not the only answer.

“The AMC supports the ‘Safe System’ approach to road safety, but we are concerned that most of the efforts are directed at safer roads and safer vehicles,” he says. 

“Forgiving roads and infrastructure in the event of a crash are no doubt important. That’s why we’re actively involved in issues around barrier placement and lower rub rail installation, for example. 

“However, for a rider, the better thing is not to crash in the first place. ‘Safer road users’ is also a pillar of the Safe System, and we believe more should be done around rider education.

“The age-old mantra that training doesn’t improve safety isn’t necessarily correct for motorcycle riders.”

He points to the New Zealand Government’s Ride Forever program that provides rego discounts for riders who undertake extra training. 

“Their evaluations have shown a reduction in crash occurrence of 27% for riders who have done their skills course,” he says.

The Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia urges all motorcycle and scooter riders to make submissions to the inquiry with ideas to make Tassie roads safer. 

They say their submission will be similar to the one they sent to the Victorian road safety inquiry which can be seen at (Go to “committees” and click Economy & Infrastructure).

The MRAA submissions will include:
  • Road user education (Car driver error causes most pedestrian, bicyclist and motorcyclist injuries so improving driver competence and behaviour is good for all road users);
  • Opposition to wire rope barriers and newer barrier types with exposed posts;
  • A call for changes to compulsory third party insurance to reflect the efficiency of the various types of transport in terms of personal mobility and environmental friendliness;
  • CTP insurance should also offer no-claim-bonuses to encourage safer road use in a fairer system;
  • Free transport of motorbikes on the Bass Strait ferries;
  • More and better information for riders visiting the State; and
  • Introduce Victorian style free footpath parking to Tasmania.
  1. If a rider has a motor vehicle as well then rego should be cheaper for the bike as they can only operate one at a time.

  2. How about free extra rider training.FYI The MAIB tas training farce went on for years.Barely any riders accessed the subsidised course and it wasnt available due to red tape. Millions taken in MAIB fees and bugger all fed back in. To add insult to it the course when updated supposedly ..cost even more. A rip of of Taz motorcyle licence holders.Tried for years to actually do course but never could book in. Approached poloticians at every level myself. Gave up in end. Administered by beauracrats with nil knowledge of mcycle riding. PS a way to help safety on Tas Roads? regulate so Every hire car has Lights on when ignition running. Good Why? free. A no brainer in winter. Loads of drivers would be seen…

  3. Road builders need to be held accountable for the state of the roads. New roads are shocking and breaking apart. For example heading out to Richmond the road has cracked and these so called experts dribbled “tar snakes” everywhere.
    These melt and get slippery in the heat and are a nightmare when they are wet.
    Well used corners are all rutted and even at slow speed bounce you around the corner.
    I am not sure hiw to get the word out to some car drivers, but they need to know that we are on roads with rules and speed limits and if we are doing the speed limit don’t ride our arses, and that lane filtering IS legal if you are on yiur open licence, except where there is a bus or truck.

  4. Footpath Parking should be Federal,not just in Victoria. I guess Sydney could really use it.

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