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Ride Vision Brings 360° AI Alerts To Motorcyclists

Blind Spot Detection and More

Most newer cars and trucks on the road these days come equipped with blind-spot detection notification systems and all other types of alerts. Why should motorcycles be any different? Ride Vision plans to change that with their new tech planned for 2021 release.

Ducati recently announced adaptive cruise control coming to their Multistrada V4’s (meaning tech has come a long way in a short period of time), so being able to add even more layers of protection and smart connectivity to your motorcycle is always a plus.

Ride Vision is an AI collision detection system that utilizes two separate wide-angle cameras the rider will attach to the front and rear of their motorcycle. The cameras send their ongoing live footage over to the processing unit (both will be hooked up directly to your motorcycle battery) and when a collision is about to occur the processing unit sends a notification to the LED signals that will come with the kit to be mounted on your rear-view mirrors.

The best part about this technology is that you won’t have to wait for your favorite OEM to bring this functionality to their new (or older) models! You can buy this third party system and use it at any time on any motorcycle make/model.

Another great feature this unit has is the 24/7 two-hour continuous footage loop. Not only are you getting notifications on upcoming obstacles or objects quickly approaching from behind you (or in your blind spot), you’re also getting the direct recording from the front and back in the event something does happen to go wrong and you need evidence of someone crashing into you. You aren’t just getting straight footage though, the continuous loop video will also have all your other GPS data packaged in such as speed, distance traveled, and lean angle for an in-depth examination. 

The company is looking to have its first launch in Europe (UK, Germany, France, Austria, Greece, Italy, Israel) in early 2021 with more location release dates to come.