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REV’IT! Jersey and Philly Jeans Review

The Perfect Compromise of Safety and Style?

Jersey and Philly Jeans
Jersey and Philly Jeans Review Summary
Review Summary

The REV’IT! Jersey and Philly jeans hit the formula just right, with style, comfort and performance.

They’re made from Cordura Denim with Coolmax.

The wear points have an extra layer of the special REV’IT! “PWR | shield” abrasion protection.

This forms an extra layer in the seat and knees and the jeans come with Knox Lite knee protectors.

Put it all together and you have a comfortable pair of slightly stretchy jeans that can actually feel more comfortable than street/fashion jeans.

The PWR | shield layer was tested to 5.9 seconds of abrasion resistance, which REV’IT! claims is better than leather and denim/aramid fabrics.

The REV’IT! SeeSoft RV01 hip protectors are a 20-buck option that some could argue should be included, considering the list price of the jeans.

Bottom line?

Both the Jersey and Philly jeans are very comfortable — albeit slightly heavy, due to the 12.5 oz. Cordura Denim.

They can easily transition from bike to work and back home…with a stop at the Pub on the way (for a Coke and a burger, of course). And no one will be any wiser.

REV'IT! Jersey Jeans
REV’IT! Jersey Jeans.


The REV’IT! Jersey and Philly jeans have been featured in the Netherlands-based company’s ever-expanding jeans lineup since 2014.

In fact, they’re among the most popular REV’IT! jeans sold; the lineup now includes 8 different selections for men and 2 for women.

Motorcycle jeans have come a long way in the last 15+ years of webBikeWorld reviews. Way back when, “motorcycle jeans” were a pair of standard 100% cotton denim with a motorcycle logo and maybe some extra fabric in the seat or crotch. That was it.

Today, there are dozens of different types of motorcycle jeans in a panoply of styles, from the REV’IT! Memphis H20 waterproof jeans (review) to the very heavy Bull-it SR6 and VoloCE jeans (review).

They range from pure cotton — not much better than fashion jeans — to something like the VoloCE jeans, which are CE Level 2 approved.

(For more information on the protection standards terminology, be sure to read the webBikeWorld report “CE Certified vs. Approved? There is a Difference“.)

The problem is — as is usually the case when it comes to motorcycle gear — there’s always a compromise.

The most protective motorcycle jeans can feel so uncomfortably heavy and hot that they’re really not suitable for anything you do after you get off the bike: shopping, work, office, movies, etc.

So if that’s the case, why not just wear a good pair of leathers or textiles? Good question…

The “sweet spot” is that elusive pair of motorcycle jeans that doesn’t look like motorcycle jeans and is as comfortable as that old pair of Levi’s, but with better protection.

We think REV’IT! may have hit it right on the mark with the Jersey and Philly jeans.

REV'IT! Philly Jeans
REV’IT! Philly Jeans.

Jersey vs. Philly: What’s the Diff?

You can almost throw a stone across the Delaware River from Philly to Jersey, they’re that close. The REV’IT! Jersey and Philly jeans are even closer.

Despite the cheesy analogy, it’s true: the main difference between these two jeans is the color. Jersey jeans are light blue; Philly jeans are dark blue.

The Jersey jeans are very slightly narrower. The width across the legs, just above the knees at 56 cm or 22″ up from the leg hem is 24 cm across (9.5″) for the Jersey jeans. The Philly jeans measure 25.5 cm (10″) across. That’s not much.

In fact, the REV’IT! catalog lists both of these jeans as “loose fit”, so the 15 mm may be within manufacturing tolerances.

Both our pair are the 36×32 size and the inseam on the Philly jeans measures 32.75″, while the Jersey jeans come in at 33.5″ for the inseam. Again, this could be within the manufacturing tolerances.

Remember that cotton typically shrinks 5% after the first or second washing and since both of these jeans are made from 50% cotton, you’ll have some shrinkage, so order accordingly.

Other ingredients include 30% polyester and 20% polyamide; the polyamide is the secret sauce that gives the jeans some stretch.

The lining (black areas) on the inside inside that covers the PWR | shield and faces the rider’s skin is 50% cotton and 50% polyester, while the protective layer is 100% polyamide.

There’s another slight difference between the two in the rise, or distance from the point where the three sections meet in the crotch to the top of the waistband in front. On our 36×32 Jersey jeans, the rise measures 9.75″ (24.7 cm) while the rise of the Philly jeans is 9.0″ (22.8 cm).

The rise does seem a bit “low rider” style, but this is partly by design. REV’IT! said the crotch seams where the three panels come together was moved closer towards the front, to prevent “hot spots” when sitting in the jeans on a motorcycle seat for a long period of time.

The REV’IT! Memphis H20 waterproof jeans (review) in 36×32 also measure 9.75″ and the stiffer fabric and waterproof liner enhances the low rider effect in those, for better or worse, depending on your point of view (and age).

But the fabric in both the Jersey and Philly jeans is much softer or “broken in” than it is with the Memphis jeans.

In fact, the Jersey jeans feel as soft and comfy as that old pair of legacy Levi’s you have in your drawer and the Philly jeans only very slightly less so. This masks the low rise effect.

Plus, the Cordura Denim with Coolmax fabric that the jeans are made from has some stretch — and you really do need some of that in a pair of motorcycle jeans.

Both jeans have also been designed and manufactured with minimal stitching, or panels/sections. This gives them a sleeker, “office stealth” overall look with none of the over-constructed look of typical motorcycle jeans.

REV'IT! PWR Shield FAbric Liner Close-up
Close-up of the REV’IT! “PWR | shield” abrasion-resistant liner. It is located in the seat and knees, behind the black lining seen below.
REV'IT! Jersey Jeans Liner
REV’IT! Jersey Jeans turned inside-out.  The black lining faces the rider and covers the PWR | shield, front (L) and rear (R).
REV'IT! Philly Jeans Liner
REV’IT! Philly Jeans turned inside-out. The black fabric liner, front (L) and rear (R), faces the rider and covers the PWR | Shield fabric.

Cordura Denim With Coolmax Plus “PWR | shield”

Besides the good looks and comfort, the REV’IT! jeans have what it takes to perform. And that’s the magic that also adds a bit to the cost.

The overall construction is Cordura Denim, said to be “an intimate blend of cotton and INVISTA T420 nylon 6.6 fiber”.

REV’IT! had some Coolmax added to the mix, which really does seem to help wick away moisture, keeping the thicker 12.5 oz. denim feeling pretty good in summer riding weather…or at the office.

The seat and the knees are lined with REV’IT! “PWR | shield” (yes, that’s the way they spell it). See the photo above.

This is a heavy-duty tufted fabric that looks a lot like the high-test stuff used in the Level 2 Approved Bull-it VoloCE jeans.

Those jeans have a complete full liner of the stuff, but it makes them so heavy, you would definitely not want to wear them to the store or office.

Let’s take a look at some charts showing the wear and abrasion resistance of the Cordura Denim and the PWR | shield fabrics:

Cordura Denim Abrasion Resistance
REV’IT! chart showing abrasion resistance of Cordura Denim with PWR | shield vs. leather and other denim blends.

First up is the chart above, showing a REV’IT! test (not a formal CE test, but CE Level 1 and 2 standards are shown) of the PWR | shield abrasion-resistant liner that is included in the seat and knees of the Jersey and Philly jeans.

The PWR | shield abrasion resistance in this chart is compared to a type of leather, standard Cordura denim and other denim blends.

Although we don’t know the specifics of this test, we assume that all fabrics were tested under the same conditions — possibly something like a Martindale abrasion test.

That test is commonly used in the textile industry (here’s a webBikeWorld video showing the Martindale abrasion test in action).

Cordura Denim Martindale Test Results

Next is a graphic above, from the Cordura Denim website showing the Martindale abrasion test results to the ISO 12947-2:1999 standard, compared to standard cotton denim.

Note the small photos of the Martindale rub test results on the fabric after 2,000 cycles; the photo on the right clearly shows the wear through the fabric:

Cordura Denim Tear Strength

The graphic above illustrates the tear strength to the ISO 139347-2:2000 standard of Cordura Denim vs. cotton. Basically, warp is the vertical thread and weft is the horizontal thread woven through and around the warp:

Cordura Denim Tensile Strength

The final graphic shown above compares the Cordura Denim with cotton denim for tensile strength, to the ISO 13934-1:1999 standard.

The Eternal Compromise

As is always the case, it’s impossible to know for sure how any of these fabrics or leather will actually protect in a crash. Factors to consider include initial impact, cut and tear strength, abrasion resistance and even heat resistance.

But, we feel pretty confident that the REV’IT! jeans will fare better than that pair of Levi’s and maybe even summer mesh. And surely better than that pair of shorts…

The key here is the compromise that is almost always necessary when considering motorcycle riding gear: comfort vs. protection. You could ride in padded chain mail and have 100% abrasion resistance — maybe — but who’d want to? And think of what your office mates would say…

We’ve been riding with the REV’IT! Jersey and Philly jeans in the recent hot and humid summer weather and the conclusion is that we’d much rather be wearing these than any other leather or textiles hanging on the webBikeWorld racks.

Other Features

Like the Jersey and Philly seams and overall construction is nearly identical to the REV’IT! Memphis jeans.

This means triple-stitched for strength and all of the REV’IT! jeans have dual belt loops in the center rear for strength and to connect to the excellent REV’IT! Safeway belt (review).

The belt loops on either side are slanted forward slightly to help prevent a belt from binding when the rider is seated on the bike.

There are a few other detailing feature on the jeans, like tiny branded rivets on the front pockets where the stitching meets the waist.

Also includes are a couple of layers of denim that loop from the top of the pockets around to the back of the jeans just under the waistband and rivets on the center belt loops in the rear.

The latter is for decoration only; I wonder if the rivets could have been made functional to add strength to the belt loops and thus to the Safeway belt connector or if the stitching is strong enough.


Both of these pairs of Jersey and Philly jeans have a 36 waist and 32 length and they feel exact to size, with a touch extra in the waist to account for shrinkage after the first couple of washes.

The lengths (inseam, from crotch junction to hem) measure 32.75″ for the Philly jeans and 33.5″ for the Jersey jeans. This and the slightly relaxed cut and the stretch fabric gives the perfect amount of length for riding, without looking too long when walking.

In fact, we think both of these motorcycle jeans have the perfect compromise of style, cut, waist and length…which is what makes them so comfortable both on and off the bike. They’re not too tight and not too loose. Just right.

The Memphis H2O, Jersey and Philly jeans are available in 32″, 34″ and 36″ lengths and waist diameters from 28″ to 38″.

REV'IT! Jersey Jeans Front Side Rear Views
REV’IT! Jersey Jeans in 36×32, front, side and rear views.
REV'IT! Philly Jeans Front Side Rear Views
REV’IT! Philly Jeans in 36×32, front, side and rear views.

Knox Lite CE-Rated Protectors

The Memphis H20, Philly and Jersey jeans come with Knox Lite CE-rated knee protectors.

The protector pockets in the legs have a dual-height arrangement to adjust the height of the protector. This is confirmed.

The “Lite” version of the Knox protectors fit fine but they do feel a little thinner than non-Lite types. Don’t forget though that unless the jeans fit very snug, the protectors can and probably will move around.

Hip Protectors?

Unfortunately, the Jersey and Philly jeans do not come with hip protectors, but they do have hip protector pockets.

The hip protector pockets in the Memphis H20 jeans are designed to fit the set of the reasonably-priced $19.98 Seesoft RV01 hip protectors (see the Seesoft back protectors review for more info).

It’s possible that the readily available SAS-Tech or Forcefield hip protectors may fit the Jersey or Philly jeans, but we don’t know that for sure.

And those cost $25.99 and $39.00 the pair respectively, so we’d stick with the Seesoft brand, which are CE EN1621-1:2012 certified.


The REV’IT! Jersey and Philly jeans are a definite favorite. They hit that elusive “sweet spot” between comfort, practicality and protection.

Both are very comfortable and feel “broken in” right from the start. The touch of stretch fabric really helps when you’re riding.

The jeans also have relatively good air flow in the hot summer weather. Yet, the fabric is heavy or thick enough that it should help in cooler weather also.

However, all of this goodness doesn’t come cheap. These jeans have a list price of $289.99. It would be nice if the Seesoft hip protectors were included…

When all is said and done however, the combination of style, comfort and protection make them our current favorite motorcycle jeans and they look and feel like they’ll last a long time.

We’d guess the price is about $100.00 more than many riders will feel comfortable with. But look at it this way: these can replace a pair or two of your other riding pants and they also serve double-duty, because you’ll look good once you get to work. That has to count for something, no?

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From “B.P.” (July 2015): “1) I’d take the extra 0.75″ rise of the Jersey, compared to the Philly, any day. All right, yes, I’m among your older readers, but I find the lack of rise in many jeans today really uncomfortable.

2) But given that I have two pairs of overpants, and no job to look nice for, it’ll be a while before I buy either.

3) I think you should use that R65 as a prop in all your photo shoots. Bikes don’t get any better looking than that… except for my buddy Ken’s R90S, which model you may not have access to. Here it is, in my driveway in my prior house.”