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Recall: Rearview Mirror Lenses Are Falling Off Certain Can-Am Spyder F3/F3-S Models

Over 1,100 Vehicles Affected

A woman in motorcycle gear standing behind a motorcycle.
Can-Am's Spyder F3-S. Media provided by Can-Am.
  • Rearview mirror’s lens may dislodge from housing, increasing risk of a crash due to decreased visibility.
  • ~1,149 vehicles are potentially involved in this recall.
  • Affected models limited to Can-Am’s Spyder F3 and Spyder F3-S from their 2023 model year. 

If you ride a Can-Am Spyder F3/F3-S, you might want to check your rearview mirror lens. 

Remember that expanding fuel pump that will be needing replacement on Can-Am’s Rykers? Well, it’s now the Spyder F3/F3-S’s turn for a recall… though this particular report isn’t nearly as extensive. 

According to the NHTSA’s official safety recall report, the issue lies in several cases where MY2023 models had mirror lenses detaching from their original housing. 

The first cases were submitted in May, after which point Can-Am says they found more MY2023 models with the defect. 

A three-wheeled motorcycle in the city.
Can-Am’s Spyder F3-S. Media provided by Can-Am.

What’s causing the mirror lenses to fall out? 

Apparently, even Can-Am doesn’t know the cause of the defect, as evidenced in this recall quote: 

[Neither] BRP [nor] its supplier have confirmed the exact root cause of the trend seen in its network. One hypothesis is a possible – additional weakness created by possible housing inspection made in quality insurance or in the recall procedure.”

“BRP did not want to wait for further analysis to address this situation.”

 – NHTSA Part 573 Safety Recall Report (23V-856)

A three-wheeled motorcycle in the city.
Can-Am’s Spyder F3-S. Media provided by Can-Am.

Which of Can-Am’s MY2023 Spyders have been affected by this recall? 

Production dates of the affected motorcycles range from September 28th, 2022, to May 19, 2023. As of December 19th, we know of 51 defective mirror cases (28 were found during the pre-delivery inspection, with a further 23 were cited after delivery).

Here are the offending component part numbers in question: 

  • 705015050 (right-hand side mirror)
  • 705015049 (right-hand side mirror)

If you’re looking at a MY2024 beastie, don’t worry; Can-Am’s new models apparently already uses the newer housing with better material, so this recall shouldn’t affect the company’s fresher machines.

A three-wheeled motorcycle.
Can-Am’s Spyder F3-S. Media provided by Can-Am.

What is the company’s reparation answer for this recall? 

Expect the bad mirror to be completely replaced with a new housing that will use material from a different source; Can-Am currently thinks material with better resistance properties will stand up better to the four seasons’ worth of scoots we want on these things. 

If you have this defect, Bombardier will repair the problem; there’s even potential for riders who have already fixed a defect eligible under this recall to receive reimbursement.

A three-wheeled motorcycle.
Can-Am’s Spyder F3. Media provided by Can-Am.

What can I do about this recall? 

Dealers were notified a little over a week ago (December 21), and owner notifications will be going out a month from that date, on January 22nd, 2024. 

Should you find yourself affected by this recall and wish to do your own homework, feel free to contact either Can-Am’s parent company or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Vehicle Safety Hotline at the following contact points:

Bombardier Customer Service

Telephone: 1-888-272-9222

Number: Bulletin 2023-9

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Vehicle Safety Hotline

Telephone: 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153)


NHTSA’s Campaign #: 23V856000

NHTSA’s Recall Report #: 23V-856

Do you have a MY2023 Spyder F3/F3-S that could be affected by this recall? 

*All media provided by Can-Am*