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Posi-Taps and Posi-Locks for Connecting Multiple Wires

Posi-Tap "Mega" Connectors for Multiple Wires

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The Posi-Tap and Posi-Lock “Mega” connectors are useful when you need to connect multiple wires. Sometimes it’s more efficient to use a larger-sized Posi-Tap or Posi-Lock rather than multiple connections. For example, when connecting pairs of auxiliary lights or to tap multiple wires into a single ground or power source.


Many webBikeWorld readers have been asking recently if it’s OK to connect multiple wires using a single Posi-Lock. Or, is it acceptable to connect multiple wires into a single ground or power wire using one Posi-Tap. The short answer is yes!

It’s easy to do, but some Posi- products are better for connecting multiple wires than others.

For example, one of the best Posi-Lock secrets is the 14-16 (blue) version; it’s one of my all-time favorites because it’s exactly the same diameter as the popular 18-24 red Posi-Lock; both of these measure 7.35 mm diameter.

This means that the 14-16 Posi-Lock works well for connecting most of the wire gauges you’ll find on a motorcycle. It also makes it easier to connect up to 3 smaller-gauge wires on each end. Thus, the 14-16 is the original two-for-one Posi-Lock!

When you’re adding auxiliary lights, dual horns or other accessories to your bike, you may need to connect multiple wires together. You can do this by connecting one wire in each Posi-Lock or Posi-Tap, but sometimes it’s cleaner, neater and/or easier to twist pairs or even more wires together and use a single larger Posi- product instead.

The most useful Posi-Locks for connecting multiple wires are:

And the most useful Posi-Taps for connecting multiple wires:

  • 12-18 gauge Posi-Tap (black/gray). Connect up to 3-4 smaller gauge wires to a single 12-14 gauge wire (up to 3 mm total diameter including insulated sheathing. Find 12-18 Gauge Posi-Taps Here
  • 10-12 gauge Posi-Tap (yellow). This is a larger-sized Posi-Tap that can be used to connect multiple smaller wires to heavier 10-12 gauge power or ground wires. Find 10-12 Gauge Posi-Taps
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Introducing the “Mega” 10-12 Gauge Posi-Tap!

New in stock is the 10-12 gauge yellow Posi-Tap. This is a large unit that allows multiple wires to be tapped into a single 10 or 12 gauge power or ground lead.

For example, if you have multiple smaller gauge ground or power wires that you’d like to tap into a single ground or power lead somewhere on the bike, the 10-12 gauge Posi-Tap will work.

Many webBikeWorld readers have been asking for a larger-sized Posi-Tap and the 10-12 gauge is it. They’re now in stock and available in the webBikeWorld custom Posi-Tap ordering system.

Here are some photo examples of using Posi-Taps and Posi-Locks for connecting multiple wires, along with a new video below that also illustrates the procedures. Enjoy!

Posi-Tap Size Comparison
The new 10-12 gauge yellow Posi-Tap (L) compared to other popular size Posi-Taps. “SH” is the “SwivelHead”.
10-12 Gauge Posi-Tap With 12 Gauge Wires
The 10-12 gauge yellow Posi-Tap with a single 10 gauge red wire tapped into a single 10 gauge black wire. 10 and 12 gauge wires are about the largest diameter you’ll find on a motorcycle. NOTE: Colors used for contrast and example only (you wouldn’t want to tap a hot wire into a ground!).
10-12 Gauge Posi-Tap With Multiple Wires
The 10-12 gauge yellow Posi-Tap can be used for multiple wires. Here are 4 wires tapped into a single 12 gauge ground.
10-12 Gauge Posi-Tap With Multiple Wires
The 10-12 gauge yellow Posi-Tap with 3 wires tapped into a 12 gauge black ground wire.
10-12 Gauge Posi-Tap With Multiple Wires
The 10-12 gauge yellow Posi-Lock connecting 4 wires together. Since Posi-Locks and Posi-Taps are reusable, you can make temporary or test connections to prototype your accessories and make sure it’s all going to work as planned.
12-18 Gauge Posi-Tap With Multiple Wires
The 12-18 gauge Posi-Tap can be used to connect 3 wires into a tapped line, in this case, the yellow 14 gauge wire.
10-12 Gauge Posi-Lock Wtih Multiple Wires
Here’s the 10-12 gauge yellow Posi-Lock connecting 3 wires on the left with 2 on the right.
14-16 Gauge Posi-Lock With Multiple Wires
The classic 14-16 gauge blue Posi-Lock can also be used to connect multiple wires, even with different gauges.
14-22 Gauge Posi-Twist With Multiple Wires
Don’t forget the useful 14-24 gauge blue Posi-Twist. Here it is terminating 3 different gauge wires.
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Owner Comments and Feedback

From “S.S.” (March 2015): “Thanks for the update on the new connectors. I love the original ones, and actually used them instead of wire nuts when I replaced the blower motor on my furnace.

Much better connection and no worries about vibrations working them loose.

I also wanted to mention that it is very simple to make these waterproof for more permanent installations. I just used a dab of RV gasket silicone on each end, and then slide a length of heat shrink tubing over the whole kaboodle.

Of course, this does require planning ahead and sliding the tubing on before you connect the wires. Fortunately, for those such as myself who have CRS syndrome, it is easy enough to unscrew one end and slip the heat shrink into place when you forget.

Rick’s Reply: Great tip, thanks!