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Posi-Lock Mini Connectors Review

Posi-Lock "Mini" Connectors: Pint-Sized Versions of the Original!

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The new Posi-Lock Mini connectors are perfect for those hard-to-reach tight spaces on motorcycles. Posi-Locks were first introduced on webBikeWorld nearly 10 years ago and I’ve been a big fan every since. They’re perfect for motorcycle use, making it very easy to splice or tap wires without soldering.

And they’re removable, adjustable and reusable, so you can instantly add or remove more wires for accessories like horns, lights, radios and other gear with little effort.

I like Posi-Locks so much that we arranged to sell them on webBikeWorld to motorcyclists all over the world. I have also remained in contact with the designer of the original Posi-Lock connectors and we have provided feedback on new products from a motorcyclist’s point of view.

Now I’m happy to announce that some of these new designs are now ready for sale.

The new Posi-Lock and Posi-Tap “Mini” connectors have all the features of the originals in a new smaller form factor. The new Posi-Lock Mini connectors are ideal for fitting into those tight spaces on a motorcycle. Not that the original Posi-Locks are bulky, but the Minis are even sleeker.

The Posi-Lock Minis are now available in four different types in both Posi-Lock and Posi-Tap types.

Another new type of Posi-Tap is also now available: the Posi-Tap Mini “SwivelHead”. This is based on a request I had for a Posi-Tap design that would allow either side to be tightened without twisting the wire on the opposite end.

Here’s a photo comparing the sizes of the original vs. Mini Posi-Locks and Posi-Taps and I’ll describe each below, along with details on the new Posi-Lock Kit 15 available now!

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Posi-Lock Mini vs. Posi-Lock Original
The new Posi-Lock and Posi-Tap Mini connectors and the Posi-Tap “SwivelHead” compared to the originals.

Posi-Lock 18-24 Mini Connector

The new Posi-Lock 18-24 Mini connector (PL1824MINI, Red) is is a smaller version of the “workhorse” Posi-Lock familiar to webBikeWorld readers, the 18-24 gauge red connector.

The Posi-Lock Mini 18-24 design was based on a request for a smaller-sized Posi-Lock for motorcycle use. It is about half the size of the original and it’s a good fit inside motorcycle wiring harnesses and other tight areas.

Posi-Tap 1800 Mini

The new Posi-Tap 1800 Mini (PTA1800MINI, Red/Black) is a smaller hybrid version of the Posi-Tap 16-18 found in the webBikeWorld Posi-Lock Kit 14 and 14B (in either red or blue).

It looks very similar to the useful Posi-Tap 20-22 also provided in the webBikeWorld kits.

It has a slim straight barrel design, rather than the tapered body found on the 16-18, making it easier to fit in the tight confines of a motorcycle.

Here are four photos:

The first photo set below on the left compares the original Posi-Tap 16-18 with the new Posi-Tap 1800 Mini while the photo on the right compares the new Posi-Lock 18-24 Mini with the Posi-Lock 14-16 and 18-24 originals.

The second set of photos compares the original Posi-Lock 18-24 connector with the 18-24 Mini (left photo) and the photo on the right compares the Posi-Tap 16-18 with the new Posi-Tap 1800 Mini.

Posi-Tap 1800 Mini and Posi-Lock 1824
Photo Left: Posi-Tap standard 16-18 (L) and Posi-Tap 1800 Mini (R). Photo Right: Posi-Lock standard 14-16 (L). Posi-Lock 18-24 Mini (Center). Posi-Lock standard 18-24 (R).
Posi-Lock 1824 Mini and Posi-Tap 1800 Parts
Photo Left: Posi-Lock 18-24 original above and the new Posi-Lock 18-24 Mini below. Photo Right: Posi-Tap 16-18 original above and the new Posi-Tap 1800 Mini below.

Posi-Tap 20-22 Mini

The new Posi-Tap 20-22 Mini (PTA2022MINI, Red) is slightly smaller than the very useful Posi-Tap 20-22 original, but the Mini has a tapered barrel design.

It’s sort of a combination of the original Posi-Tap 20-22 on the wide end and the new Posi-Lock 18-24 Mini on the narrow end.

Both the Posi-Tap 20-22 Mini and the Posi-Tap 20-22 original are among the most useful Posi- products for motorcyclists because they make it easy to tap into those thin-gauge power or ground wires found on motorcycles under the dash and elsewhere.

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Posi-Tap 12-18 Mini

The new Posi-Tap 12-18 Mini (PTA1218MINI, Black/Gray) is a straight-barreled version of the bulky Posi-Tap 12-18 original.

This makes it more useful for tapping into the heavier gauge wires on a motorcycle while adding a minimal amount of bulk.

Here are two photos comparing the new Posi-Tap 20-22 Mini to the original Posi-Tap 20-22 on the left and the new Posi-Tap 12-18 Mini compared to the original Posi-Tap 12-18 on the right:

Posi-Tap 2022 and Posi-Tap 1218 Mini
Photo Left: Posi-Tap 20-22 Mini (L) and standard Posi-Tap 20-22 (R). Photo Right: Posi-Tap 12-18 Mini (L) and standard Posi-Tap 12-18 (R).
Posi-Tap 2022 Mini and Posi-Tap 1218 Mini Parts
Photo Left: Posi-Tap standard 20-22 on the top and Posi-Tap 20-22 Mini below. Photo Right: Posi-Tap 12-18 standard on the top and Posi-Tap 12-18 Mini below.
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Posi-Tap 16-18 “SwivelHead”!

The new Posi-Tap 16-18 “SwivelHead” (PTA18SW, Red) is a new design that is very similar to the Posi-Tap 16-18 included in the webBikeWorld Kit 14 and 14B.

The difference is that the new “SwivelHead” (my name for it) has a freely rotating barrel half on the narrow end.

This allows the wire to be tightened without twisting, as the swiveling portion can be held in one hand as the locking end is tightened with the other hand.

This is a very useful design that is sort of an experiment and I hope to see it used on Posi-Locks and other Posi-Taps in the future.

Posi-Tap Mini Swivel
The New Posi-Tap 1800 Mini SwivelHead. Arrow indicates rotating barrel.

wBW Video: Posi-Locks and Posi-Taps

Posi-Lock Kits

The new Posi-Lock and Posi-Tap Mini connectors are now available in limited quantities in the webBikeWorld Posi-Lock Store.

The Minis are not a replacement for the original Posi- connectors, but they are very handy in certain situations and they’re an excellent addition to the motorcyclist’s toolbox.

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From “J.A.” (October 2014): “Why did you state that “The Minis are not a replacement for the original Posi- connectors, but they are very handy in certain situations”?

Why wouldn’t I want to use the smaller connectors all the time on my motorcycle, automobile, or whatever? What is the benefit from using the regular, more bulky connectors?

Rick’s Reply: Good question! When the Mini connectors were first released, they were going to replace the older style but customers wanted both so they quickly reversed course and offered both.

I mostly use the regular size to be honest, they’re a bit easier to handle and they’re small enough to fit in most places.

Also, it’s a little easier to “cheat” by fitting a couple of thin gauge wires in the normal sized 18-24’s, although when I need to do that, I usually use a 14-16 or a Posi-Twist.

Best solution: have a bunch of all different sizes on hand, just in case!