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Politicians ignoring cyclist petition

Maritha Keyser Cyclist rule endangers motorcyclists politicians
Maritha will never ride again

Politicians are ignoring a petition against a rule allowing motorists to cross solid and double white lines to pass cyclists thus endangering oncoming motorcyclists.

Rider Maritha Keyser, one of many people injured in such an incident, is disappointed that her petition, which is closing in on 2000 signatures, has failed to impress politicians.

However, she still asks riders to sign the petition and share this article on social media so it goes viral and politicians simply can’t ignore it.



We contacted the ministers responsible in each state and territory for comment about the petition.

Only the ministers from NSW and Queensland replied, both basically re-stating the rules which state it is only permitted to overtake “when safe to do so”.

A media advisor for South Australian Minister for Road Safety Peter Malinauskas replied with: “We do not have an official comment on this one.”

Maritha, who will never ride again after her crash, says her petition requests for it to be once again illegal to overtake on continuous centre lines.

Maritha Keyser Cyclist rule endangers motorcyclists politicians
Maritha Keyser

“Those lines, per definition, are where the visibility is inadequate or where other potential hazards exist. Why is it then, due to the presence of a bicycle, it is all of a sudden potentially safe to overtake on these lines?” she asks.

“I have read hundreds of comments on the petition referring to near misses or actual accidents because of this rule, and I personally am unable to ever work or live independently again due to someone thinking ‘if safe to do so’.

“How many need to die or get badly injured before common sense prevails for the law to protect oncoming traffic?”

Maritha Keyser Cyclist rule endangers motorcyclists Politicians
Maritha’s crash scene on double white lines

Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party member, motorcycle crash widow and passionate rider Judith Kuerschner says “if safe to do so” absolve the lawmakers from any responsibility and doesn’t protect motorcyclists.

“We know that motorcyclists are often unseen even when there is a clear road with good vision, so why ignore the reality of what’s actually happening on the road?” she asks.

“We don’t live in an ‘ideal world’ so why legislate as if we do? That kind of thinking puts lives at risk.”

Judith with her 2016 Can Am F3-S Spyder Politicians
Judith with her 2016 Can Am F3-S Spyder

Judith helped word the petition, asking for cyclist warning signs as used in Tasmania, but with the addition of “watch for motorcycles”.

“Considering adjusting the law to prohibit overtaking on solid lines will cost far less than rolling out warning signs, you’d think that would be the preferred political option,” she says.

“I can’t see them going against the cyclists so we need to offer up an acceptable compromise as well.”

  1. Yeah I’m noticing politicians are ignoring motorcyclist reasonable logical request, I’ve written to minister for main roads Mark Bailey regarding implementation of Advanced Stop Lines (ASL) in Queensland or amending the Stop line rule to just let motorcyclist stop in the box. It’s been a few months now and still no reply, hell I thought he was blocking my email address at one point! I was getting “email bounce back”

  2. Politicians diving for cover and using weasel-words to deflect and obfuscate any meaningful response – who’d have thought.

    Perhaps we should be pushing for an expansion of this policy – the law as it pertains to white lines is only the beginning of opening up restrictive laws to every road users situational determination – and imagination “when safe to do so”.

    Start with that other pesky provision, the white sign with an encircled number that seeks to define a limit for the velocity of vehicles. This has long been a bug-bear of mine – why should I not be able to exceed said limit “when safe to do so” … by rather a large margin if it’s really very “safe to do so”. There’s also other shaped signs with obscure words like “stop” and “give way” – why not keep going “when safe to do so”? No U Turn? what about “when safe to do so” ? No right turn? hell, I love turning right, it’s my favourite direction, especially “when safe to do so”.

    But seriously (or as serious as one can be with this level of insanity prevailing from Government) – where does this leave Joe Average? I’m sure “when safe to do so” will really translate to “when plod thinks it was safe” or “when an accident didn’t happen” – because this will all be viewed with 20/20 hindsight and the benefit of revenue …

  3. The rule was implemented in the spirt of saving the lives of cyclists and preventing road rage against them when they ride in really stupid location and ignor their own wellbeing and everything else in existence except the buzz they get from doing so. The laws regarding crossing double centre lines was always there to allow motorists to pass an obstruction and I really think that it’s not a bad rule in itself. The problem is somehow really stupid people get drivers licenses and statistics seem to prove that these people have a bad habit of ignoring sign like keep left unless passing (keep right for America) slippery when wet school zone give way and worst of all STOP signs and RED lights.
    So this petition was doomed to fail from the start.
    A new petition requesting a advertising campaign on STUPIDITY KILLS would have been a better choice as it could cover things like all the above idiotic behaviour and would be far more effective at saving lives than the revenue justifying Speed Kills BS.. but then they might have to admit the speeding that kills most people is the speeding that’s done under the limit.

  4. I’m not surprised this petition was ignored as it does not follow the correct procedures for a petition to parliament.

    First of all the petition has to be done via the parliamentary system in their format and usually limited to 250 words including their words you must use. Then it is only open to residents of that particular state. You need a sponsoring MP from the state who will table it. And then it may be considered if parliament think it is worthy.

    That is how we got the Cyclist safe passing legislation in the first place, following the guidelines as prescribed. Good luck next time, but I don’t hold much hope getting changes through, motorcyclists are a whipping boy of the state governments presently. And I say that as a motorcyclist who is tired of being whipped.

    1. bs. Sean’s one of the bicycle people responsible for getting this stupid rule about crossing double white lines introduced.

      1. Sure am, and we got it because we followed correct procedure.

        Oh and the law may be considered stupid, but only because stupid people do stupid things. You cannot legislate against stupidity. I have experienced a stupid person passing cyclists over double while on a motorbike coming towards them. Maybe because I actually pay attention to what’s happening around me is the reason nothing serious happened to me. I cannot say that about the many other motorcyclists I see daily doing stupid things which is why motorcyclists are the whipping boy.

        Because the government thinks they can legislate against stupidity we have what we have. If road users simply respected other road users we would not need to convoluted laws we have. Think of this, we have traffic lights, red light cameras, speed cameras, traffic legislation, a whole division of the police force, compulsory insurance, licensing, for what? Because road users cannot be trusted to play nice together. And even with all that regulation, road users still try to kill, injure, maim others. Just two days ago a backpacker murdered in Brisbane because another road user was upset with how/where they crossed the road. Self entitlement in all its glory right there.

        Save your indignation for the stupid road users creating danger on the roads, not the people trying to make it safer.

        And if you’re really concerned about road safety and making people responsible for their actions, go to the new survey I have petitioned Qld parliament with about presumed liability.

        Whilst I am hoping to make sure cyclists are protected it applies as much to motorcyclists harmed by larger vehicles and pedestrians harmed by wheeled traffic.

        1. interesting. But you can legislate against stupidity. Especially in the case of those lycra covered weekend warriors i see 10 or more in an urban areas Tightly bunched. less than a metre apart no brake lights ,narrow tyres ,no reaction time.Maybe it is time for a petition to get you riding single file and 2 car spaces apart, Now that would save lives straight off. After all public roads should not be treated as a race track….should they?

          1. LMAO, a motorcyclist having a go at cyclists about treating roads like a race track. Pot meet kettle. Andif you say you do not, fine neither do I, so what is the point of your statement? Oh that’s right its pointless, a waste of space, consigned to the ether for the vacuous content it contains.

            By all means try and get a petition started. But you see for the most part cyclists riding in bunches are no different to any other road user doing the same thing. Are we then going to ban peak traffic, afterall lots of motorists all going the same way with the same purpose? No more driving on roads for pleasure or just for a day out, that might inconvenience you. Poor little selfish thing you are not wanting to share public infrastructure paid for by all of us from our taxes. Please do not bring up the rego furphy, you’ll only look more of an idiot. It doesn’t pay for roads.

  5. Most Aussie motorists (and motorcyclists) think they own the lane of the road in which they operate and refuse to share a metre or so with oncoming road users. Sharing that would cost them nothing and improve the flow.
    Unfortunately this is a mind set instilled when our roads got centre and perimeter road marking lines (lanes) and the police powers to infringe transgressors that cross those unbroken lines, near or offside.
    Now that those regulations have been relaxed a little to allow bicycle overtaking the mindset is to “not share” the road again. Come on there folk, grow up.
    Australians might take a ride in Greece or Vietnam and learn to share the road.
    I can remember times when motorists gave room to overtaking vehicles faster than themselves. Not now. Our law makers have allowed bureaucratic do gooders to put in place traffic regulations designed to reduce the road toll to zero, no matter what the economic and personal cost. You and I know that the road toll will never be zero, well not in this decade anyway.

    1. Agreed, the road toll will never be zero, but these other nation you mentioned have a far greater road toll then Australia, traffic usually moves at slower speed.
      As i keep saying , highspeed motorized traffic, above 50kmh, and pushbike simply do not match, full stop. Build more bikeways if need be, along side such smaller road. Yes it cost more, but what price a life. And make it compulsory to have a rear view mirror on a pushbike so they see traffic coming from behind and can pull over safely.

      1. Riding in Italy and France last year it was accepted practice to ride into oncoming traffic to move ahead. Oncoming traffic simply made room for you. Try that in Australia and you’d be dead or fined into poverty. Oh and I was doing it past police vehicles who just accepted it was the best way to keep everything moving.

        1. cyclist accident rates are rising at 8% a year the number of single vehicle accidents is at 48%. Quite clearly there is a problem .Conforming with ordinary road rules and upgrading of safety features is surely in your own best interests, Get rid of the 2 abreast rule ,tailgating,mandatory brake lights.mirrors proper helmets and 3rd party insurance for when you hit a pedestrian or end up in one of those ‘tour de’ pile ups. While cycles have gotten lighter and faster the brakes are not really up to it. As for racing it is illegal for every other road user it seems But its pretty hard to enforce when you dont have number plates. isn’t it? And the rego aspect? i have 3 motorcycles i happily pay rego on and they dont construct special pathways for me either. But you can be bloody sure i would use them if they did.

          1. The old rego furphy, your ignorance is showing unfortunately, I’ll leave that there as people who bring that up just cannot be told how stupid it is or understand the very basics of general taxation revenue funding most things including roads. I will say however that across Australia rego does not even raise enough money to fund its own costs let alone buy some blacktop, so the reality is rego is funded by non motor vehicle owning persons.

            As for your comments regarding bicycles, again your ignorance is showing up quie boldly, maybe you should have a look at some cycle racing in Europe where generally the support motorcycles need to get out of the way of the racers as they cannot descend as fast nor pull up as fast.

            Rise in cyclists injuries has more to do with the incidents involving motor vehicles where 3 independent studies (University of Adelaide, CARRSQ & MUARC) all concluded that basically 80% of incidents were the fault of the motorist, normally their ignorance of law. I think you should be more concerned with the rising toll of motorcyclist deaths, many at their own hands and again at the hands of the ignorant motorist in their mobile lounge suite.

            Oh and if you have evidence of this so called racing you speak of, contact the police. Just like you do when you have issues with any other rogue road user. Oh wait they don’t really care do they, its hard enough getting them to come to a serious crime call out let alone when your sensibilities are injured because someone is riding on the roads you seem to think you have exclusive access to.

          2. Oh by the way how many pedestrians have cyclists killed in say the last 20 years, two that I can think of and only one was the cyclists fault. Yet somehow you accept 1500 deaths a year at the hands of motorists without issue. Where’s your indignation about that? Oh I forgot, you just want a group to hate on irrationally because they seem to have something you do not like unfettered access to roads without rego or licenses.

            Get a life.

  6. Quite a reaction from sean over what i thought was pretty reasonable safety suggestions.The one big thing about cyclists is their numbers, While it is a very vocal lobby group.I think perhaps their aversion to registration is it will put an exact number on riders and that will put into perspective any injury figures Probably higher than they like to think. And if the politicians knew how few in number Their lobbying power would be somewhat diminished

    1. The numbers are no secret, anyone who wants to find them (cyclist injury rates) can examine hospital admission records and check the ABS for the data. For example head injury admissions to hospital, cyclists rank below all other sports, people falling off ladders, pedestrians, joggers, people injured in bathrooms and top of the list is motor vehicle occupants at over 40 times the rate of cyclists or pedestrians or joggers. You do not need registration to find this information. The mere fact that there are so many unlicensed and unregistered motor vehicles caught each year is testament to that.

      When you can bring a cogent well articulated argument to support your point of view, no problem listening. If you think that somehow someone in Australia has the magical registration solution for cyclists that has alluded every other failed bicycle registration scheme in the world, please do tell, I’ll happily register my bicycles, but be careful what you ask for. Whiners keep going on about not having to respect cyclists because they are unregistered, are you saying registration will suddenly change that, there will be instant respect? You live in a fools paradise.

      1. I am very careful around both cyclists and pedestrians. Which is more than i can say for cyclists around pedestrians 1 metre gap ? the reasoning behind registration is a visible number plate should go a long way to improving rider behaviour .Brake lights are a no brainer as are mirrors And third party insurance Well unless you want to lose your house.That is unless you are one of those brain dead dropkicks who reckon they own nothing and reckon the people they hurt can look after themselves. Really we have the victorian cyclists proposing a 30km limit on everything in the melbourne odd I also understand they want to be covered by others insurance even if its their own fault Really?

        1. Because registration stops motorists doing dumb things! That women at Elimbah on the Bruce Highway over the weekend, plates did not match the car, did registration stop her? You really need to think about the danger that motorists pose versus the danger cyclists pose. Motorists cost the economy billions of $$$ per year in damages, injuries, the environment, workplace lost time injuries, cyclists do not as their healthy activity reduces their burden on society, lower health care, better work habits, less impact on the environment. Shame on cyclists for being such good people.

          As for your moral licensing of I do the right thing, save it. I saw one motorcyclist splitting last week, does that mean every motorcyclist is bad? Course not.

          As for insurance, you are obviously unaware of how it works because most cyclists are covered by their own home and contents policies if they do not already have specific policies through memberships of clubs/organisations so that argument is basically pointless considering there are many unregistered and by definition uninsured for CTP motor vehicles driving around that can cause far more damage than a bicycle. Also just because you have CTP, there is no compulsory 3rd property damage, so again your insurance argument is spurious.

          Brake lights and mirrors, feel that strongly, stop flailing at the keyboard and do something about it, if its such a no brainer shouldn’t be an issue getting action on it. Or it it just too easy to be a keyboard warrior? Safe passing legislation is here because we (3 of us) got out from behind the keyboard, got in front of politicians, got a properly constructed thought out epetition into play and got it in front of a parliamentary committee. What are you prepared to do?

          1. rego and compulsory injury insurance protects other road users and in fact other cyclists. Injuries are rising and do you you really think it fair that say an elderly pedestrian with broken hip, should have no financial recourse for months of bills and rehab.The system that is in place leaves it to the whim of the cyclist . As for brake lights and mirrors. [you yourself have bragged how superior cycle brakes are] You really cant see the advantage of the semi trailer behind you knowing you have just locked up your brakes? Why would i bother campaining for something that anyone with half a brain would fit My local coffee shop is already infested with sweaty middle age men in lycra [not a good look] stinking the place out, Who am i to work against Darwins evolutionary theories?

  7. pete says:
    11th October, 2017 at 4:55 am

    rego and compulsory injury insurance protects other road users and in fact other cyclists. Injuries are rising and do you you really think it fair that say an elderly pedestrian with broken hip, should have no financial recourse for months of bills and rehab.The system that is in place leaves it to the whim of the cyclist . As for brake lights and mirrors. [you yourself have bragged how superior cycle brakes are] You really cant see the advantage of the semi trailer behind you knowing you have just locked up your brakes? Why would i bother campaining for something that anyone with half a brain would fit My local coffee shop is already infested with sweaty middle age men in lycra [not a good look] stinking the place out, Who am i to work against Darwins evolutionary theories?

    We have a healthcare system that takes care of people unable to afford to take care of themselves. CTP is for compensation and to refund those costs back to the system and level the costs on motor vehicles which are the cause of most harm in society. Having used the health system following a motor vehicle accident for which CTP did not apply, I am fully aware of how it works and how well it works. On the other hand another accident where CTP did come into play, lets just say if you think CTP is the golden goose, you’re dreaming.

    As for the no brainer, it seems you are the lazy person most are, if you really cared to have it in place you’d do something, but you will not so it must just be hot air, glad you got it off your chest now? Its not in place because only a person without a brain would try it, those of us with a brain know how silly the idea is. Most drivers already ignore the flashing lights of a cyclist letting them know of their presence so what is a brake light going to do? Are you going to insists on children’s bikes having brake lights, wheeled recreational devices, wheel chairs as well, the stupidity knows no bounds. And if a semi is driving that stupidly to be that close to another vulnerable road user to endanger them, they’d do it to a motorbike and a motor car both of which have brake lights and the results would be similar. Elephant in the room, the idiot behind the wheel doing something stupid, but lets blame cyclists for the idiots in motor vehicles.

    The CBD is infested with smelly workers from building work sites, sweaty, smelly, ogling women, but hey its a free world I deal with because I am an adult. Doesn’t say much about you. Do you complain about overweight people in gym clothes and workout wear (who obviously do not work out that much)? Do you get upset at people wearing swimsuits that are visually unsuitable simply because that is the best attire for swimming? What about MAMILs, that is Middle Aged Men In Livery of their sporting teams who’d probably have a heart attack if they tried to run onto a field. Thought not, you’re just a person looking to hate on another group that offends your delicate sensibilities. No better than people who hate on others for all sorts of inane reasons. Grow up and find something real to hate on.

    1. Too bad you wernt covered by ctp..your fault huh? Actually your probably right i may write to the relevant authorities suggesting they stop compulsory ctp and tear up the australian design rules .Lights, brakes, insurance who needs them. Ill tell them sean told me .Gee they might put you on an advisory commitee or something

      1. Wow, you really are full of it, just what I do not know, but its not nice, a terrible, apathetic and ugly side of Australia we are seeing lately. As for the accident, at fault only because of a then undiagnosed medical condition, now under control. Your pathetic attitude has me in no wonder why the roads are dangerous, people like you make it so. I guess ignorance is bliss for some.

        Good luck with life in general, with an attitude like yours its a wonder you’ve made it this far in life.

        1. from what I’ve read on the abc report with words like ‘victim’ and ‘rammed by a car’ it really sounded like you were the victim of some evil driver, but you were not .Were you? So if because of your undiagnosed medical condition you had actually hurt some one else ,What then? No insurance? What the hell the taxpayers will look after them .Wont they sean?

          1. I may point out that sean and his friends in ‘safe cycle’ are pushing for presumed liability legislation where a cyclist is automatically deemed the victim in court cases of accidents involving a motor vehicle. the warped logic involved i find mind boggling. In arguing for registration insurance and a few safety features i am somehow making the roads a more dangerous place?

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