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PJ1 Super Cleaner Degreaser

PJ1 Super Cleaner Degreaser

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Manufacturer’s Information

Category:  Metal cleaner, degreaser
Manufacturer:  PJH Brands
Type: Aerosol Can, 13 oz. (369 g)
Retail Price: $5.99
Made In:  U.S.A

Claims – “Industrial grade.  Removes oil and carbon.  Displaces moisture.  No residue.”

For Use On – Engine casings, metal, carburetors, disk brake rotors, pads and brake shoes, electrical switches.

Claimed Features – “Quickly and powerfully removes grime and demoisturizes [sic] metal surfaces and mechanisms.”
Application –  Spray on.

Our Opinions

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PJ1 chain lube and other PJ1 products can be found in many motorcycle shops.The PJ1 Super Clean is a very powerful degreaser that comes of of the can with a real blasting action.  It also has a very powerful chemical smell, and we highly recommend full ventilation when using this product.  Even a small amount has an overwhelming smell.

But it works very well indeed, instantly dissolving most engine grime and grease.  The spray comes out with such a high volume that the contents can be depleted very quickly.  But this product really works!

Score:  5/5

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