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Pirelli Tire Announces Track Record Bounty Program


Set a Track Record and Pirelli Will Give You New Tires

Pirelli already had a Track Record Bounty Program, but now the company has announced the continuation of the Pirelli Nation Record Bounty Program for 2020. Basically, if you set a new record at a racetrack, Pirelli will give you a tire voucher.

It’s important to note that you can’t just show up at any old track any day of the week. you have to set the new track record at a 2020 sanctioned event.

“The program has had great success during the course of the past several years,” said Oscar Solis, road racing manager, Pirelli. “Pirelli remains committed to the grassroots level of racing by rewarding racers for their accomplishments when using Pirelli racing compounds. We’re continuously improving our tire range, and with new size offerings for this year, it will only increase the chance for racers to set new absolute motorcycle track records by going even faster and doing so more consistently.”

In 2019, the program saw seven vouchers awarded. That means there were seven new track records set on Pirelli tires in 2019. The tire of choice for those riders? It was the DIABLO Superbike slicks. All seven of the new records were set on those tires.

According to the press release sent out by the company, riders need to do the following to qualify for a voucher:

  • The rider and bike must be using Pirelli racing compound front and rear tires when the record is broken
  • The race club must verify the new absolute motorcycle track record and Pirelli tire use. Pirelli and the vendor will confirm the new record with said race official
  • If the lap is broken more than once at a specific race-sanctioned event, the last and fastest record will get the “bounty” (capped at one “bounty” per race event weekend)
  • Each track layout limits the “bounty” by two times per year for each rider
  • Track days and open practice days are not eligible for riders to claim the “bounty”
  • The “bounty” is limited to the first 10 riders to qualify in 2020

Meet those qualifications and go wicked fast around a racetrack, setting a new record and you’ll get yourself some new tires.