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Petition Calls for Government Questioning of Norton’s Boss


Stuart Garner Is In Trouble

I’ve reported on the downfall of Norton Motorcycles. It sounds like the company was horribly mismanaged and there was some shady dealings going on. The company entered administration and the whole mess is still being sorted out. There’s also a pension issue and lawsuit going on, that has Stuart Garner, the company’s CEO at the center of it. Now a petition has been set up calling for Garner to be questioned by the government over his conduct. 

The petition was set up by Commando 2012 Pensioners. It needs 10,000 signature in order for the Government to have to respond. If the petition gets enough support, it could eventually be debated in the House of Commons, according to MoreBikes.

The petition was set up on You can check out the petition and choose to sign it if you’d like. At the time of this writing, there have been about 3,600 signatures, and it was only going up. It will be interesting to see how high the petition goes. This is a pretty hot news story right now, and I’d assume a lot of people will side with the folks who started the petition.