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Pando Moto and Zero Motorcycles Have Some EV-Inspired Clothing For Your Closet!

Pando Moto Zero

Three Pieces, One Design

Just like the guys from Donut Media said (here’s the video), you can’t own a Tesla without a cringey vanity plate tacked onto the back to inform everyone else on the roadways that you’re a witty genius that has decided to give up traditional petrol-powered transportation and instead opted for the way of the future. I guess the same can go for your electric motorcycles too. Pando Moto and Zero (your favorite E-bike manufacturer) have teamed up to bring you some sweet collaboration garments for your closet so you can dismiss any confusion about whether you’re die-hard #teamEV or not.

It’s important to keep in mind that none of these items are intended to protect you on the roads, they are just regular clothes you would find at the mall (BUT, MOTORCYCLE RELATED!).

The collaboration clothing line isn’t huge, however. It consists of three articles of clothing, all sharing the same design and artwork. They have a traditional hoodie, a sweatshirt, and a T-shirt all featuring the same ‘POWERED BY NATURE – ELECTRIC BY CHOICE” motif circling around a drawing of one of Zero’s motorcycles.

I’m not going to lie, although the design is strong it’s a little disappointing to see three articles of clothing all sharing the same artwork without any variation. Regardless, if you’re an EV motorcycle enthusiast eager to get your hands on some merchandise that represents your passion for all things electric then the Pando Moto x Zero Motorcycles collaboration project is just for you!

All three pieces of clothing are available on the official Pando Moto website.