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NSW motorcycle cop injured in crash

NSW motorcycle police - scrooge deaths pursuits

A NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol officer has been injured in a “single-vehicle crash” on the Central Coast about 4.15pm today (Sunday 17 November 2019).

Police say the male officer was riding an unmarked motorcycle on Berkeley Road, Berkeley Vale, when he “lost control” and crashed into a guardrail.

“He came off his bike and landed down an embankment,” the police say.

Emergency services were called and came to his aid.

He was treated at the scene for two broken legs and was airlifted to John Hunter Hospital in a stable condition.

At this stage it is unknown if the officer was responding to an incident.

Police from Tuggerah Lakes Police District are calling for any witnesses to the crash, or anyone with dash-cam vision to come forward.

Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 or Information is treated in strict confidence. The public is reminded not to report crime via NSW Police social media pages.

Taken to task

NSW Police helmet bluetooth - helmet camera road rage helmet cameras speed lone wet roads fled pole tragic charged
NSW Police helmet with camera

We have taken police to task before for saying motorcycle riders “lost control” or were involved in a “single-vehicle accident”.

It is presumptuous, pending a proper review of the accident.

Such terminology also creates an impression that riders are reckless.

This only serves to further demonise riders in the eyes of the public.

How can we expect other motorists to look out for riders or be concerned about our vulnerability if they think we are careless or have a death wish?

At least the police are consistent in their reporting, even when it is one of their own!

We sincerely wish the officer a fast and full recover.

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  1. Im pretty sure speed was a factor in that one !!! Only saying as speed “IS ALWAYS” a factor in single bike accidents……

  2. so much time is wasted on policing roads and revenue collection.
    maybe take your two mended legs and protect our kids from pedophiles … the government wont love you for the revenue, but you’ll have the respect of the community …
    hope you mend well.

  3. Giving us tickets for going 5 over the limit for a few seconds while I adjust the speed and then the cops themselves don’t know how to ride safely. Pfff.

  4. The commenters here are doing exactly what they complain the police do: make assumptions. He could have had a tyre blow out, he could have hit a dog. I’ve never had a problem with police. If I break the law I cop the penalty without whinging. Nine times out of ten this actually results in them just cautioning me(!) We need to support the thin blue line. The vast majority are decent, hardworking folk doing a difficult and (sometimes) dangerous job. All the best to this poor guy. Two broken legs is horrible.

  5. As a motorcyclist, I find that most motorcycle cops give an understanding approach to minor infractions. They are doing a relatively thankless job under dangerous circumstances. The Highway Patrol car cops however are a different breed and seem to think that motorcyclists deserve to be both humiliated and booked mercilessly.
    If the cop reads this, I wish him a fast recovery and offer thanks for putting his body on the line for the public.

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