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Now Is Your Chance To Join Suzuki’s GSX-R Racing Academy

Gixxer School For Track Novices

Lots of major OEMs are starting their own forms of ‘riding schools’ through posted events across the country, and now it’s Suzuki’s turn to chime the bell with the introduction of their new GSX-R Racing Academy.


Many riders looking to work towards their first track day might be hard-pressed to understand the fundamentals without some expert guidance, and that’s where these sorts of courses come in handy. Suzuki’s GSX-R Racing Academy will take you on some pretty extreme track days with the GSX-R motorcycle family.

The class covers all the ins and outs of track riding: from leaning, to body position, racing lines, and much more. These courses will be taught by Suzuki’s hand-picked racing instructors, and there will be one instructor for every two students; so you know you’re getting the proper attention and moneys worth.

The course will be held at the Mugello Circuit located in Italy, and it will run on three days: June 6th, July 18th, and October 17th of this year with one date yet to be determined (sometime in September). A fleet of GSX-R1000R models will be available for rent. If you have your own bike you will be paying around €650 ($784 USD), but if you have to rent the price more than doubles to €1,350 ($1,630 USD).

For more information about the events, Suzuki has all the information available on their official Italian website.