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Norton Recalls V4 SS With Over 30 Safety Defects

side view of Norton V4 SS AT the Isle of Man

What would you do if your company found over 34 faults in your supersport bike?

Better yet, what would you do if the faults happened before you took over?

You heard right. Norton has just recalled all the V4 SS bikes sold in 2019 and early 2020 – and for a supersport bike with a big name and a £44,000 price tag, the numbers aren’t looking good.

Defined as the bike that was ‘developed at the Isle of Man TT, and redefined for the road,’ the defects discovered – over 35 faults that put the rider at serious risk – happened back when the company was managed by NMUL Realisations Limited, prior to the buy-out and takeover by TVS.

A dealer places a label on a V4 SS at a dealership

Norton is now stressing this detail to the masses and has emphasized that Norton will claim all costs for repairs, to be remedied with the company despite the potential financial setbacks.

John Russell, the interim CEO of Norton Motorcycle Company Limited (NMCL), released that, “under the guidance of the DVSA, we are in direct contact with all affected registered V4 SS owners to address the safety issues in relation to the faults that have been identified”.

Rear left view of Norton V4 SS with old church set as backspace

According to a report from CarAndBike, TVS has also released that they will be electing a new permanent senior leadership team to aid the commitment to a top-notch legacy, cementing future investment in the brand’s commitment to quality of legacy.

Given that the bike has a legacy to carry forward, I personally will be staying updated on the remedies that Norton plans on carrying out for the bike in the coming years.

  1. This story is wholly inaccurate, there are 35 defects but likely to be more which will be advised by Norton TVS in June to owners following completion of their review.
    There is NO commitment to repair the bikes by Norton TVS and owners are being advised to submit a claim to BDO the administrators of NMUL.

    1. Greetings, Livid V Owner,

      Thank you for the update on defects! It seems that many articles are saying a variety of things when it comes to the exact amount of defects.
      Integrity is top of my list, so please send your source along if you have any! I will make sure to include the updates in the article.

      A quote made by Norton CEO John Russell that is being passed along to everybody online:
      “Since acquiring the company last year, we have been carrying out due diligence and product review protocols that we follow to strict measure in order to ensure the safety of the customers that ride the motorbikes which bear the famous Norton name. As a result of that process, we have discovered 35 potential defects in total that fall into one of three categories; either a safety recall, a check and replace if required, or a service action. While the ‘new Norton’ management was not involved in the production and supply of these bikes and is not responsible for the cause of these faults, we are voluntarily taking certain actions under the guidance of the DVSA to assist with potential safety problems and to ensure the good name of Norton continues.”

      Again, any updates you have are valuable, and please let us know!

      Amanda Quick

    2. Well said,
      This whole affair has been a joke. Stuart should go to prison for this!!

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