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The Nexx XG100 Helmet Review: A Vintage Look With Modern Construction

The Nexx XG100 Helmet

When it comes to finding the right motorcycle helmet, there is a lot of information that has to be carefully considered and disseminated so that you can make the right choice. It is a good thing that there are so many products available on the market but in reality, the sheer number of products that are available can often make this decision one that overwhelms you rather quickly.

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A lot of it depends on personal preferences but in any case, you have to have a helmet that will perform well, do what it promises to do and keep you safe and comfortable while riding.

In this Nexx XG100 motorcycle helmet review, you will understand why so many people are clamoring to purchase this particular product. Perhaps most importantly, you can begin to understand the benefits of owning it by better understanding its features and what makes it so special.

The obvious benefit to owning this particular helmet is that it performs well. It is a helmet that will keep you safe while you are riding and it allows you to be as comfortable as any helmet available on the market. It offers plenty of padding without reducing visibility. Perhaps most surprising thing is that it is extremely lightweight, as it weighs only one kilogram. In other words, you can get all of this protection and comfort in a helmet that weighs less than two and a half pounds. In addition, there are many different individual styles to choose from within this particular product line and virtually all of them offer multiple sizes so you can always choose the helmet that really works best for you.

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Nexx XG100 Features

Nexx XG100 Motorcycle Helmet 9As previously mentioned, this is a helmet that provides virtually everything that most motorcycle riders are looking for. It can be purchased as either an open face helmet or a full face design, depending on the exact model that you choose within the Nexx XG100 product line. Many people choose to wear the open face design with goggles but if you wish to purchase a visor for the helmet and use it that way, you can also do that in most cases.

Perhaps even more importantly, this is a helmet that is made using superior carbon fiber materials, allowing it to weigh virtually nothing while still providing outstanding protection in the event of a crash.

Additional Information

One of the first things that most people notice about the Nexx XG100 is that it has classic good looks. After all, it is designed to mimic the vintage motorcycle helmets that were popular so many years ago. It seems like virtually everything of a vintage nature is coming back into popularity these days and motorcycle helmets are no exception. However, true vintage helmets don’t necessarily provide the protection that you need when riding, so it is important to find a modern helmet that incorporates modern safety techniques with a design that looks vintage.

The Nexx XG100 has managed to incorporate all of these things into a single product, a task that is not easily accomplished. Despite that fact, the manufacturers of this product have managed to seamlessly integrate all of these things into one outstanding motorcycle helmet that can be successfully used by people of all skill levels. If you ride a motorcycle that is a vintage model and you want to complete the look without compromising your safety, this is one of the best products that you can find on the market. It will keep you safe without diminishing the look of your vintage motorcycle.

In other words, it allows you to keep everything in the old-style without compromising your own well-being in the process. It simply doesn’t get any better than that. If you are interested in finding out more information about the safety record of the helmet, there are plenty of videos out there pertaining to the helmet. This can help you better understand how the helmet works in a crash so you know you are getting a product that is capable of keeping you safe.

Things You Need to Know

Nexx XG100 Motorcycle Helmet 19For the most part, you already know everything there is to know about this helmet. However, it is worth mentioning that the helmet also incorporates a single vertical hole for ventilation purposes. Most motorcycle riders find this to be virtually the ideal amount of ventilation, allowing enough air to get through to keep riders from getting too hot in even the hottest of temperatures while still keeping them comfortable when riding in cooler weather. The one and only drawback is that some riders have reported that their goggles sometimes fog up in warm, humid weather when they are sitting at a red light or moving in slow traffic. Most motorbike riders are adept at dealing with this type of problem so it isn’t really an issue.

However, it is something that is worth knowing for anyone that is considering purchasing the helmet. While it might sometimes seem inconvenient, it is certainly not something that should preclude you from considering making a purchase of this quality, as the helmet is capable of providing a lot of things that other helmets do not provide. In addition, it does everything as well as or better than other helmets that are available on the market.

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The Nexx XG100We have worked closely with RevZilla, Amazon and 2Wheel over the years to provide our testers with products to review. They are all great partners and unique in their own ways, so make sure to check out their prices. Please don’t forget we may get a commission if you buy from them.

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It is understandable that you want to choose a motorcycle helmet that is capable of providing you everything that you need. Even the most economical purchases are not necessarily cheap. Therefore, you want to know that you are getting your money’s worth. Furthermore, your choice should not really be based on cost alone, but on the features and safety record of the helmet itself. The Nexx XG100 is capable of excelling in virtually every category and it is affordable to boot.

It has a price point that is extremely competitive, especially when compared to other helmets that have similar features. In most cases, riders find it to be more affordable than similar products while simultaneously performing better than the more expensive helmets that are out there. The next time that you are considering making a purchase, consider putting the Nexx XG100 at the top of your list.

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