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NEXX Suspends Helmet Production

NEXX X.Vilitur rear view

Another Shutdown

The Coronavirus has had a major impact on businesses around the world. I’ve already reported on the various motorcycle manufacturers that have shut down, but now I’ve received word that NEXX Helmets will suspend NEXXpro production. The company has already postponed all business trips and unnecessary activities, but this will be the official shutdown for the production side of the business. 

In a press release, the company said it chose to do so based on the safety of its employees and the restrictions on the distribution of raw materials. While I’m sure the health and safety of its employees are important to the company, my guess is that the disruptions to the supply chain are what really forced the company’s hand. 

NEXX will review the situation with the pandemic on a weekly basis. If supply chains open back up and begin operating correctly and the pandemic isn’t causing too many issues with personnel, the company may resume production.

NEXX also noted that it is tough to deliver products that have been ordered. Some countries are more difficult than others, but “increasing limitations” when it comes to transportation of goods was noted in the release that was sent our way. There is no set date for when the shutdown will end, which I think is smart at this time. There’s no way for NEXX to know what will happen next (no pun intended). Reviewing the status of the pandemic on a weekly basis is the smartest thing to do here.