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Nexx Helmets Offers New X.G10 Saloon Jet Helmet

nexx X.G10 Saloon

Retro Styled

We’ve been pretty impressed with the last few Nexx helmets we’ve reviewed, so it’s cool to see the company come out with a new lid. This one is called the X.G10 Saloon Jet Helmet and it offers unique retro styling with some modern flair.

Nexx previously sold the NEXX X.G10 helmet, but this new version offers some unique elements. All of the open-face helmets from the company basically offer the same thing. The shell and construction are the same the X.G10 Saloon just comes with some updates, including a matte blue-grey paint scheme, snap-on peak, and a small yellow-tinted visor. 

nexx X.G10 Saloon

The helmet itself has the same shell as Nexx’s other open face helmets. The company calls this the X-Matrix 2 shell. It’s a fiberglass and other materials blend. That unique blend of fibers that Nexx uses is supposed to be lighter weight and stronger than the other offerings out there.

The interior of the helmet offers the company’s X-Mart Dry fabric liner. That liner is removable and supposed to help keep you protected from the elements. The helmet isn’t currently listed on Nexx’s North American website, though it is on the worldwide helmet site. It is also DOT and ECE approved, so you should be able to wear it in North America. You can check it out on Nexx’s website by clicking here.