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NEXX 2021 Collection Includes Updates and New Hemets

NEXX Brings Carbon ADV Option For 2021

This may or may not get slightly confusing with the sheer amount of ‘X-Names’ as every model and technology from NEXX starts with an X and ends with something else.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary in the helmet manufacturing world, NEXX has refreshed its entire lineup of helmets with the addition of two new models.

Many of their existing models got graphic overhauls and will come in new colors while the NEXX X-WED 2 VAAL and the X.VILIBY have grand unveilings.

The NEXX X-WED 2 VAAL is a dual-sport/ADV helmet that reaps the benefits of NEXX’s new X-PRO CARBON fiber shell construction allowing for an even lighter shell of only 1460g (3.1 pounds). As with any good ADV helmet, you’ll be looking for something you can wash thoroughly in the event you fall into the mud or your riding partner rooster-tails you with 15 pounds of dirt when you’re riding behind them. Nexx recognizes this need and designed the helmet accordingly with its X-MART dry fabric liners being fully removable and machine washable.

Have you had enough of X-names yet? No? Good, because the NEXX X-WED 2 VAAL also includes their X-HIDRO system which allows you to attach the tube and mouthpiece from your hydro bladder (if you have one) to the inside of your helmet so water is always accessible on-the-go.

The X.VILIBY takes design cues from the older X.VILITUR and puts them into a comfortable and ergonomic option for riders seeking a helmet perfectly suited for urban riding. 

The helmet comes in 3 shell sizes and features an extremely large visor for maximum visibility when dodging through traffic on quick commutes. This massive visor allows for “opening angles 15% beyond normal requirements” (as per their ‘NEXX’s X-Sensus Vision’) and includes a lock and rubber seal to keep road noise minimal.

The final notable feature of the X.VILIBY is the ability to incorporate their X-COM 2 Bluetooth communications device.

X-COM, X.VILIBY, X.VILITUR, X-Sensus Vision, X-HIDRO, X-WED, X-PRO CARBON… Wowza that’s ‘X-alot’.

If you’re interested in learning more about the 2021 NEXX lineup, please visit their website where they also offer options for purchase in the event they can satisfy your helmet needs.