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New Motorcycle Sales Surge in the UK

2020 Honda PCX150

Keep the Good Sales Rolling

There was a 31.2 percent boost in two-wheeled vehicle sales in August in the UK according to MoreBikes. This follows strong sales in June and July, which I previously reported on.

The boost in sales for August suggests that the sales surges of June and July are part of a bigger movement. The August sales jump year-on-year alone is still an impressive number, but it’s the overall trend that’s more interesting.

All categories enjoyed sales growth. MoreBikes notes that touring motorcycles and naked bikes were the biggest winners seeing more than 43 percent and 34 percent increases respectively. Scooters also saw a big jump of nearly 36 percent.

The best-selling manufacturer in UK for August was Honda. According to the sales numbers, Honda managed to move a ton of PCX 125cc scooters. The next best-selling bike from the company was the Honda CB125F.

Yamaha was the second-highest-selling brand. The company managed to sell a lot of Tenere 700 motorcycles—its best selling-bike of the month. That bike was also the best-selling motorcycle out there in the ADV market.

This is all good news. Coming off COVID-19, it’s great to see a large number of two-wheeled machines leaving dealerships. I’d expect similar sales successes outside of the UK, too.