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MyTech Accessories Motorcycle Luggage

MyTech Accessories Luggage for 2011

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EICMA 2010 Report

November 18, 2010 – I passed by this small but interesting booth a few times and decided to stop in. I’m glad I did!

MyTech Accessories is an Italian firm making what looks to be some very nice, very high-quality and precision-made luggage sets.

Their website is currently in Italian, but if you use the Google Chrome browser, it will do a nice job of translation for you.

I don’t have much personal experience with this type of ruggedized luggage, but I do know how to work with metal and I understand quality.

The MyTech “Raid” luggage sets are made in a high-tech facility inDolzago, Italy (Google Map), northeast of Milano.

They’re actually very close to Mandello del Lario, the home of Moto Guzzi and also to the Nolan Helmet factory in Brembate di Sopra.

The company is owned by the Meroni Brothers, a firm that has been in the metal stamping and fabrication business for over 40 years. I can only assume that someone in the Meroni family is an avid motorcyclist!

By the way, “MyTech” is spelled on their logo as something that looks like “3yTech”; the “3” is actually a sideways and stylized “M”

MyTech “Raid” Luggage

The MyTech luggage is relatively new to the marketplace, but they have luggage racks and frames, along with bags, top boxes and liners for several motorcycles, including the BMW R1200GS and, of course, the Moto Guzzi Stelvio.

They also have luggage and racks to fit the BMW R100GS, F800GS, R1100 and 1150GS, the KTM Adventure and the Honda Transalp and Africa Twin. I asked, and they are working on a set for the new Triumph Tiger 800 XC (info).

The Raid luggage sets look amazing and they’re available in either unpainted or black anodized coatings. The luggage is made from 2.0 mm thick EN AW-5754 “Sea Water Resistant” aluminum plate, with 1.5 mm thick plate used for the covers.

The hinges and fixtures and clasps looked very heavy-duty. They are made from 304 stainless steel and the hinge design is very clever, with the ability to remove the top entirely. Each top locks to the individual piece of luggage with a secure-looking lock, all on one key.

The luggage is claimed to be completely waterproof and they had a display with goldfish swimming around in a pool, with the opened luggage sitting in the water for the duration of the show, so I don’t doubt it. You can see one of the goldfish in the photo below.

MyTech also sells textile liner bags for each style box and they appeared to be a perfect fit for the luggage. The luggage sets, which include the side bags and mounting frame/racks, run from about €900 to €1100. The top box runs about €300 to €400 extra. Other options are also available, include the liners.

My impressions in looking at the details are of outstanding attention to detail and quality. The Meroni factory is ISO9001 registered and apparently they are going through the process for the luggage factory also.

MyTech Accessories luggage is currently sold only in Italy, but the company representative was interested in sending over a set for a webBikeWorld review and we have a potential distributor lined up who may be interested in taking on North American distribution, so hopefully we will see this amazing luggage here soon!

Here are some photos, enjoy!

MyTech Accessories “Raid” Luggage Set – Photos

MyTech Motorcycle Luggage
MyTech Accessories “Raid” Luggage Set

MyTech Luggage on a BMW

MyTech Motorcycle Luggage, Side View
MyTech Motorcycle Luggage, Rear View
MyTech Accessories Luggage Photos – Luggage Details
MyTech Motorcycle Luggage - Attachment
Notice the weld bead; the weld is on the flat, rather than on the corner.
MyTech Motorcycle Luggage - Clasp
Heavy-duty stainless steel hardware is used for the corners and clasps.

MyTech Motorcycle Luggage - Clasp Close-up

MyTech Motorcycle Luggage - Corner Detail
Stainless steel corners and bars.

MyTech Motorcycle Luggage - Hinge

MyTech Motorcycle Luggage - Inside Construction
Interior construction of the lid.
MyTech Luggage on a BMW F800GS
MyTech Luggage Liner
Lid can be removed.
MyTech Luggage Waterproof Test
Waterproof Raid luggage in a fish tank!
MyTech Luggage Raid Topbox
MyTech makes a line of textile liner bags for the luggage.
Publication Date: November 18, 2010
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