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MV Agusta offers COVID face mask

MV Agusta has launched the COVID mask which is not guaranteed to protect!

MV Agusta has launched a special branded rider’s face mask that seems to cash in on the COVID pandemic panic.

It’s called the “MV COVID mask” and features the hashtag #staysafe on the front, yet they also advise it is not a surgical mask nor a medical device.

Many riders wear masks to keep their face warm and to filter air pollution.

MV say their washable “MV COVID mask” features a titanium nasal septum adjustment plate to “guarantee the (mask) from both breakage and oxidation by coming into contact with chemical agents and water”. We’re not sure what that means, but it does suggest it filters germs.


This €45 (about $A75) MV Agusta mask is made in Italy from neoprene which is used in diving wetsuits.

We have also seen the material used in other rider face masks and neck warmers as it protects against the cold and is strong enough to protect you from bugs and road detritus.

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Face mask

But there is no guarantee this will protect you from coronavirus nor stop the spread to others if you are infected.

The MV logo is made from Italian calfskin and is sewn by hand.

The MV COVID mask is equipped with a water-repellent and cleansed TNT filter and N02 valves that can be dismantled to be washed and disinfected.

The mask is sewn with a 5-needle machine specially calibrated only and exclusively for this process.

Mask warning

R-PUR anti-pollution and anti-pollen motorcyclist face mask
R-PUR anti-pollution and anti-pollen motorcyclist face mask

This comes as doctors have issued a warning to riders about wearing surgical masks under full-face helmets.

They say proper surgical masks use a material to filter out particles before they enter the lungs and could provide too little oxygen and potentially causing the rider to faint.

The warning says riding can cause adrenalin to pump around the body, raising the heart rate and need for oxygen.

MV app

MV Ride app
MV Ride app

The Italian company’s also just released their free MV Ride app for iPhone only.

It allows the rider to access saved maps and routes via the TFT dash and share with other MV riders.

To start, it is only available on models with the new 5.5-inch TFT screen: Brutale 1000 Serie Oro, a Brutale 1000 RR, a Superveloce 800 Serie Oro, or a Superveloce 800.

  1. The benefit of a mask to protect yourself from any virus is about as beneficial as a cheese cloth umbrella in the rain.
    Anything but a light mist and you’re soaking wet although if it hails you might be better off.
    The primary purpose of surgical masks is to protect patients from the clinical staff not the staff from the patients, for that you need a bio hazard suit and a disinfectant shower to clean the suit before you remove it.
    As for covid specifically there may be benefit in slight exposure over no exposure.
    Covid is just another common cold in almost every parameter including the family of virus and you know how easy it is to avoid the common cold and how pointless it is to even bother trying to create a vaccination for it. There is mounting evidence that the people who are paranoid about germs and dirt and spend a fortune on cleaners and disinfectants and wipes etc etc and sign up for every vaccination are the first to suffer serious harm and death from new viruses like this as their health and immune systems are so compromised by chemicals and lack of exposure that they don’t have the strength to fight off any new bug.
    A mask is mostly to protect others from the wearer , as there are more ways to become infected than just inhaling a mask only offers partial protection and you could become infected from the mask as you remove it. I’m not saying wearing a mask is a waste of time but it is not a guaranteed form of protection.

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