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Motorex Grease

Motorex Grease

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Everything we said about Maxima Waterproof Grease (review) is ditto here.

The only reason we decided to try a couple of types of grease is to compare them to the Elf Moto Chain Paste (review), a grease-like motorcycle chain lube that comes in a tube.

We hadn’t really considered (or known about) this type of medium for motorcycle chain lubrication, and we wanted to see how standard grease would work in this situation.

The bottom line is that it doesn’t.

Grease is hard to apply — it must be brushed in to the chain; it’s messy; and it flings off the chain.

It’s also sticky and remains so, thus attracting too much dirt and grit, which can wear its way into the chain and possibly into and through the O-rings.

So just like we said in the Maxima Grease review, it probably isn’t fair to compare Motorex Grease to the rest of the motorcycle chain lubes in this comparison, and the product does work very well in other normal applications where grease is called for.

Just be careful when using any type of grease out of a tub.

The best way to use it is to remove the desired quantity from the tub using a clean spoon, tongue depressor (grab ’em from the Doctor’s office while you’re sitting in the exam room, waiting for the Doc to arrive!).

Or use any other type of clean scoop.

Don’t use your dirty fingers or put anything into the tub of grease, as it will become contaminated. Only open the tub when you need to and close it immediately.

Bottom line with this any any other type of “hard” grease is that it’s not a good idea for lubing a motorcycle chain. It’s too sticky and too messy and will probably attract all sorts of grit and detritus, which is not good for a motorcycle chain.

Motorex Grease
Type: Grease
Cost: Low (More Info)
Efficiency: Poor
Sprayer: N/A
Fling-off: High
Sticky Factor: High
Availability: Poor (wBW Store)
Manufacturer: Motorex
More Details: 2010 Chain Lube Comparison
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 Motorex Grease

Publication Date: June 2008

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