Motorcycle Wheel Chrome Polish – Luster Pad – Luster Seal

Motorcycle Wheel Chrome Polish - Luster Pad - Luster Seal

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This is a pretty interesting product.  Luster Pad is a cloth impregnated with some type of pleasant-smelling metal polish.

The jar shown in the photo on the left contains a sealed package with a length of Luster Pad that’s about 1.5″ wide (see photo #2 below).  The product works by tearing off a section and using it to polish metal.  You’re supposed to keep rubbing until the metal turns black, then buff it off.

When you’re done with the Luster Pad, you can use the Luster Seal to “seal and protect” the metal.  Apparently, the Luster Seal can also be used by itself to polish chrome, aluminum, stainless steel and more.

I unfortunately don’t have any wire spoked wheels to try it on (the Luster Pad is also available as a “Luster Lace” specifically for use on things like spokes), but it did a fairly nice job on the bare metal tops of my Bing carburetors, which were pretty much covered in oxidation.

I took some photos (below) to compare…

Photo 1: Before/After photos of the Luster Pad – Luster Seal combination on a Bing carburetor.

Here’s a shot of the carb — notice the oxidation on the bare metal.

Here’s a shot after using the Luster Pad/Seal combination.  It does a pretty decent job of making the carb look like new.

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Photo 2 (left):
A photo of the rolled-up length of Luster Pad.

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Product Review:  Motorcycle Wheel Chrome Polish – Luster Pad – Luster Seal
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