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Motorcycle travel doco hits TV

Mike and Denise Ferris World on Wheels borders
Mike and Denise Ferris World on Wheels

Mike and Denise FerrisStarving for more motorcycle diaries of world travel since Charley and Ewan stopped making their “Long Way” series?
Well, the wait is over because Aussie ex-pats Mike and Denise Ferris who own and operate Ferris Wheels travel company have filmed and produced a six-part TV series called World On Wheels.
It’s just been completed in the past few months and a preview is available on Vimeo. Click here to watch it.
The video not only highlights the beautiful sights and amazing roads they ride, but doesn’t hide the fact that motorcycling is dangerous. The series starts in India’s Himalayas, traveling Ferris Wheelsthe highest road in the world.
The series has already been aired in Singapore, Brunei, and bizarre places such as Russia, Mongolia, and has just finished screening in NZ.
Australia’s 7 Network has now picked it up looking for something to fill the void on Sunday afternoons when the AFL Grand Final has come and gone.
It starts on October 6 at 1pm Sunday afternoons for six weeks, so start programming your hard drive.
Mike and Denise came from the corporate world a couple of decades ago to start their travel company and even after all these years they still don’t hire guides to do their jobs.
They conduct tours through the Himalayas, Bhutan, the Andes, Dalmatians, Morocco, Iceland and Turkey.
If you happen to miss the series or want a perpetual memory, you can check out their TV website here and buy the boxed set of DVDs.
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