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A note about our recommendations:

We have curated this list based on several factors: reviews/reputation, customer service policies, market competitiveness, and transport timelines/policies. Learn more.

Featured Transport Companies in the USA

United States Motorcycle Transportation Companies

Number 1 Auto Transport

Average Price: $950

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Number 1 Auto Transport has a 4.9-star rating on Google (based on 110 reviews) as well as on Facebook (based on 47 reviews). They maintain several consumer-first policies, including a price quote guarantee. They do not take deposits until your bike has been loaded and ship nationwide.

Available Services

  • Soft-Sided Enclosed Transport
  • Hard-Sided Enclosed Transport
  • Open Transport
  • Lowboy Shipping
  • Door to Door Shipping

Great Choices

Other American Transport Companies

Ship a Car Direct

Ship a Car Direct is a very well-reviewed company, with a 4.5 star rating on Google (based on 586 reviews) and 4.9 stars on Consumer Affairs (based on 368 reviews).

See website.


AmeriFreight is a shipping broker (operating much like an insurance broker), who only works with motorcycle carriers that carry “Carrier Error” insurance (if they cause damage, it is insured). They are again, well-reviewed with a 4.8 on Google (1,662 reviews) and a 4.7 on Consumer Affairs (2,466 reviews).

See website.

Ship Your Car Now

Ship Your Car Now is a motorcycle shipping broker that carries a “damage-free guarantee”. They are reviewed at 4.2 stars on Google (723 reviews) and 4.4 stars on Consumer Affairs (1,307 reviews).

See website.

AA Motorcycles

AA is a dedicated powersports shipping firm with 34 distribution centers across the United States. They offer online tracking and will move motorcycles, ATVs, trikes, snowmobiles, and jet skis. They carry $5,000 insurance on the motorcycle by default, though you can add more for 1% of the declared value of the bike.

See website.

King of the Road

King fo the Road provides door to door motorcycle transportation. Many firms require you to pick your bike up at a depot- you can have it delivered to your front door instead. They do not require payment until your motorcycle has already been picked up for transport, which is unique among other entrants on this list.

See website.

Schumacher Cargo Logistics

Nicky’s is also highly rated, with a current 4.7/5 star rating on Google. They are a reputable provider with fair customer service policies. They offer transportation services across the entire USA, including Alaska and Hawaii. Excellent choice. See website.
Serving All Provinces & Territories

Canadian Motorcycle Transportation Companies

Mackie Transportation

Not many transportation companies have been around since 1928, and even fewer are a 5th generation family-owned and operated business.  They offer enclosed transportation across Canada.

See website.

TFX International

These guys are the official vehicle shipping company for the Canadian Barret-Jackson auctions. They only offer fully enclosed hard-side trailers and, unlike most shipping companies (which are brokers), TFX International runs their own fleet of trucks.

See website.


UShip isn’t so much a broker or transporter as it is a classifieds site. Think of it as the eBay for motorcycle shipping- you post a job, and shippers bid on it. Find the one you’re happy with and off you go. Note: each shipper will have different terms/policies, insurance, and so on. Do your homework before handing over your bike.

See website.


Almost identical in nature to UShip, Shiply is more a marketplace than it is a motorcycle shipping company. Request a quote and compare prices against shippers that submit quotes. Be sure to review their terms/policies, insurance, and payment methods prior to agreeing to the transaction.

See website.

Featured Provides in the EU

EU Motorcycle Transportation Companies

James Cargo Services

James offer global shipping of your bike and can even attend auctions for you as both a buyer and shipper. Bikes are shipped in crates (bespoke for your bike) to minimize risk and maximize safety.

See website.


Transporteca offers door to door motorcycle shipping across the EU. They offer somewhat lower dates than other providers, as rather than providing an “express” service, they create a chained route so all shippers can receive a price break.

See website.

Euro Biketrans

Based in the UK, Euro Biketrans ships depot to depot across the EU. This means that your bike is kept in storage until pick up. Bikes are bubble wrapped and then shipped in a tailor-made crate, minimizing risk and damage potential.

See website.

Bike Movers Europe

While they focus on the EU, Bike Movers Europe has global reach and is able to ship your motorcycle from the EU to Japan, Australia, Canada, the USA, etc. They have 24/7 availability and carry the appropriate insurance. They also offer storage at decent rates.

See website.


Featured UK Transport Services

UK Car Transportation Companies

Auto Shippers

This global outfit ships transcontinental, in addition to anywhere in the EU (they currently ship to 144 countries). Your bike is professionally prepped and packed (in its own crate) before being shipped. They offer container shipping, air freight, and Roll-on-Roll-off (RoRo) options.

See website.

Moving Motorcycles

Moving Motorcycles provides shipping service across the UK and EU. Part of their service includes detailed condition reporting both pre and post transportation. They are based in Northamptonshire and were founded in 2004.

See website.

Moto Freight

Founded in 2006, Moto Freight offers enclosed shipping with bikes packed into custom-made transport crates. In addition to motorcycle shipping, they also specialize in facilitating adventure travel.

See website.


Who, what, when, where, & why

How We Chose Our Recommended Transportation Services

wBW has always differentiated itself from competitors by approaching “reviews” and “recommendations” a bit differently. Below is the criteria we followed when selecting companies to be listed here.

Reviews & Reputation

Customer reviews are a strong indicator of the health and service quality of a company. However, as we know all too well, too many reviews are fake. So, we spent the time digging through mounds of reviews so that you don’t have to! We looked at:

  • Whether or not their Google reviews are real – Fake reviews are discounted, and if a provider has numerous fake reviews, we discount them entirely. Our publishing team has tons of experience here and is adept at sniffing out fake reviews.
  • How poor reviews are handled – Mistakes happen, and a mistake shouldn’t tank a business. However, when they happen, how they’re handled is almost more important than the fact that they happened at all!
  • BBB standing – Not only the rating, but also the complaints history… and their resolution.
  • Lawsuits – We look for publically accessible records that may indicate whether or not a transportation company has lawsuits against it pending. While a lawsuit or two themselves doesn’t tell us much, if we see numerous lawsuits… well, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Customer Service Policies

While motorcycles may not be “expensive” compared to exotic cars and the mountainous SUV’s most people drive today, they are still their owners pride and joy and, as such, should be treated with the care and respect the bike deserves. We look at:

  • Insurance policies – How well are they insured, and how do they handle claims against vehicles they are transporting?
  • Liability – Does the transport company assume liability for damages during transport, or do they accept none?
  • Guarantees – Guarantees surrounding the care of your vehicle, quality of transportation, any inclusive fees, and delivery timelines are important. If a company won’t back their service, we don’t consider them.
  • Customer-friendly policies – Bad companies don’t deserve your business, and they won’t be listed here if we can help it.

Price & Value

Having the best policies and greatest guarantees doesn’t mean anything if a company is out to lunch with their pricing. We assess pricing and associated terms to see how our recommended companies compare to against the larger market. Specifically:

  • Pricing – What is the “all-in” price on a 1,000 km /621-mile one-way trip? All providers are given this information as a basis to compare pricing.
  • Fees – Are there any add-on’s or fees that get tacked on to the bill, or is the quoted price the all-inclusive price?
  • Deposit – Is a deposit required to secure the booking? If so, how much and how is it charged?
  • Misc. requirements – Will they bring the bike to your door, or do you need to pick it up from a depot? Do they offer end-to-end transportation, or do you need to organize transport once the bike has arrived in your new location/city?

Transportation Timelines & Policies

At the end of the day, how long it takes your bike to arrive at its destination is equally as important as how much it cost to send it there. We look for:

  • Turnaround time – How long, from start to finish, does it take to move a car 2,000 km / 1,242 miles?
  • Lead time/notice – How much notice is needed to secure a booking?
  • Late delivery – How are late deliveries handled? Is delivery a specific date, or a range? The more specific, the better.



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