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This page lists our motorcycle tire reviews, motorcycle wheel balancer reviews, tire pressure gauge reviews, tire changing tool reviews and lots more!

Most riders don’t think about tires, yet tires are such a core part of the performance of a bike that they should be on riders minds. They affect every aspect of the bike’s performance, particularly grip and handling. An awesome set of motorcycle tires can make a decent bike feel great and conversely a poor set of tires can ruin the ride of a great bike. Tires matter a lot.

When it comes to which tires should you buy for your bike you don’t need to look much further than your manufacturers recommended list. They know your bike so listen to their advice and buy the tires they recommend. Most manufacturers will recommend a handful of choices which is why we have reviewed some of the more popular aftermarket choices to help you choose between brands.

If you’re not sure what size tires you need, check out our Motorcycle Tire Size Comparison Page Motorcycle Tire Sizes. We always get questions on tire pressures and recommend this nice article on the Mid-Atlantic Ducati club’s website regarding best tire pressures for motorcycles. For those who are adventurous and love DIY, check out our Adventures in Re-Spoking and Re-Building and Lacing Spoked Wheels. If you’re buying tires online, most manufacturer websites have tire selection tools to help pick the right tire for your bike as well as fitment tools. We always recommend just going to a tire place and having them do the work for you, it is easier, faster and probably safer.

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Motorcycle Tire Manufacturers

AvonBridgestone,  ContinentalPirelli and Michelin are well known brands that most riders are familiar with. While we haven’t reviewed any Bridgestone’s we’ve sampled most of the other major brands. If you’re looking for vintage and classic tires try Maxxis and Coker.. Continental – motorcycle tires for modern and vintage bikes.

Check out our hands on reviews by manufacturer:

Tire & Accessory Type


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Recent Reviews

In This Section You Will Find All Our Recent Hands On Parts and Accessory Reviews

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Recent Hands On

Tire & Tire Accessory Reviews

Shinko 016 Verge 2X Dual-Compound Motorcycle Tire Review The Shinko 016 Verge 2X tires seem to be more of a supersport tire that perform very well in the grip and handling department and have good handling in the rain. The wide sipes cause a slight vibration or roar on the road that is tolerable but …

The Doran 360M TPMS The Doran 360M Motorcycle Tire Pressure System is a reasonably priced, motorcycle-friendly, assemblage of hardware and software. The system consists of wheel-mounted sensors and an LCD display. The combination lets you know at a glance what the air pressure values are for each tire, and also alerts you, in real time, …

Michelin Anakee III Tires   Summary When I first purchased my (used) 2002 BMW R 1150 GS (review), my intentions were to explore more unpaved roads. It wasn’t long before I discovered that riding off-road requires an additional set of skills, especially when riding a bike as large and heavy as my GS. You can learn …

Michelin T63 80/20 Dual-Sport Tires I found the Michelin T63 tires to be reliable both off-road and on the pavement. They have excellent tire wear for a knobby off/on road type tire. The T63’s handled whatever surface we encountered on the western half of the Trans-America Trail with aplomb. They provided good grip on the …

Michelin Anakee III Tires Announced February 8, 2013 – Michelin has announced a new Anakee III adventure-touring tire, replacing the popular Anakee II tires that have been fitted to many BMW GS and other adventure-touring bikes. The Anakee III will become standard fitment for 2013 BMW R 1200 GS motorcycles. Here’s an edited version of the …

Continental “ContiRoadAttack 2 CR” Tires Dominate Classic Racing December 2, 2012 – Motorcycle race teams using Continental tires won all classic races of the 2012 racing season. The ContiRoadAttack 2 CR becomes the favorites’ tire. Continental’s winning streak at this year’s classic motorcycle races was crowned by another win at the last race of 2012, the Bol …

Michelin Pilot Road 3 Motorcycle Tires Outstanding grip in wet and dry conditions. Very neutral handling, fast warm-up times. Noticeable difference from the Michelin Pilot Road 2 tires on the Ducati Multistrada 620. “Motorcycle tires are so good today that 99.9% of motorcycle owners wouldn’t notice the difference from one brand or type to another”. …

Michelin Announces Revised Commander II Motorcycle Tires January 1, 2012 –  Michelin Motorcycle Tires launches the Michelin Commander II tire today. The Commander II is available immediately in 15 sizes, in both bias and radial construction. Michelin says that the Commander II tire offers “a new standard in cruiser tire longevity and uncompromised handling and stability”. …

Continental TKC 80 Tires The Continental TKC 80 tires provided excellent performance both on and and off road. More: Dual sport tire sizes, information and photos from the 2012 Dealer Expo. webBikeWorld readers may remember my recent review of the BMW GS Off-Road Riding Skills DVD, which sparked an idea: to ride the Trans-Labrador Highway. Soon after, my …

Gryyp “Cargol Turn & Go” Review The Cargol Turn & Go, aka the Gryyp Tire Tool, is an easy-to-use carry-along device that can plug a tire in a limited range of situations. It’s more useful for car or trike tires than for motorcycle tires, but it’s cheap enough and easy enough to carry on a …

Simple Motorcycle Tire and Wheel Balancer If you can remove a wheel from your motorcycle, you can take off the old tire and mount a new one. It may seem like a job that’s beyond the ability of the average owner, but the task takes more brawn than brains. We’ve covered just about all of …

Shinko “Smoke Bomb” Tires Announced January 18, 2011 – How about this: the Shinko Smoke Bomb tire! Available in blue, red or purple smoke colors. That’s right — not an April Fool’s prank! The Smoke Bomb tires will pretty up your burnouts (or make you even more obnoxious, depending on your point of view). Spin …

A High-Tech Tire Pressure Gauge The Roadgear Digital Programmable motorcycle tire air pressure gauge is designed specifically for motorcycles. It stores the recommended pressures for one pair of tires. But as is the case with any digital item, if the batteries die and you don’t have spares, you’re out of luck. If this Roadgear Programmable …

TireGard Wireless TPMS Review The TireGard wireless TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is easy to use, light weight and accurate, but expensive. A tire pressure monitoring system — specifically a wireless TPMS — has been on my radar screen for some time. And now that I think about it, is there such a thing as …

Cycle Hill Motorcycle Tire Changer In my previous review of the No-Mar tire changer I mentioned that motorcycle owners can save money by changing their own tires. Most people wouldn’t even think of changing the tires on their car, but changing the tires on a motorcycle is another matter. It’s not that difficult — as …

Wider Is Better, Right? See the updated information at the end of this article regarding the tire sizes for the 1986 BMW R65 (and possibly other Airheads!) It won’t fit… or will it? It was that time again — the every-few-thousand-mile decision. New motorcycle tires!! My 1986 BMW R65 was ready for new skins. This …

Slime vs. AirMan Sparrow Air Pumps Review Small and lightweight, both feature 12 Volt air compressors and simple operation. They can be easily packed to provide essential support at home or when on the road. However, the units are not equal when it comes to quality, function and performance. The AirMan Sparrow wins hands down, …

The French Chinese Alaskan Am I the only guy other than the webBikeWorld crew who uses a hand-operated air pump to fill my motorcycle tires? Apparently so… There haven’t been very many comments sent in by readers with suggestions for new products to review. I was scrounging around Rick’s garage and uncovered a pile of …

The Classic Metzeler Lasertec Back about, oh, 6 years ago, I replaced the tires on the 1986 BMW R65. Of course, being smarter than the BMW engineers, I knew better which size tires to choose. I wrote a long, boring and pompous article about it and ended up ignoring the advice of the owner’s manual, despite my …

Tachyon Motorsports Motorcycle Wheel Balancer   Background One of the most popular webBikeWorld articles ever was our review of Rod Neff’s motorcycle wheel balancer, first published about 8 years ago. I think Rod has since stopped manufacturing it, unfortunately, because it was very popular with “DIYers” and ours has served us well through all these years. …

Tachyon Motorsports Motorcycle Wheel Balancer One of the most popular webBikeWorld articles ever was our review of Rod Neff’s motorcycle wheel balancer, first published about 8 years ago. I think Rod has since stopped manufacturing it, unfortunately, because it was very popular with “DIYers” and ours has served us well through all these years. The reality …

Michelin Pilot Road 2 Motorcycle Tire Review Tires for the Multistrada already? The bike has only 1,500 miles on the clock, but I haven’t been very fond of the Pirelli Diablo tires that were fitted at the factory, and I wanted to try something new and different for the benefit of our readers. UPDATE: The …

Roadgear Ultra Hi-Tec Digital Tire Gauge Yikes! Here we go again, yet another motorcycle tire pressure gauge review. Will the perfect gauge ever arrive? The good ol’ original Roadgear Digital Tire Gauge (review) is still a favorite, because its “L” shape fits every motorcycle tire I’ve tried. Sportbikes have big disks covering most of the front wheel, …

The Oxford Digi Gauge Now you may be asking yourself “Self, is this yet another webBikeWorld digital tire pressure gauge review?” Good question! And the answer is: because we still haven’t found the perfect tire pressure gauge. After all’s said and done, the original Roadgear digital tire pressure gauge (review) is the one that gets used most …

Bridgestone Announces Three New Motorcycle Tires February 17, 2007 (Indianapolis, Indiana) –  Bridgestone introduced three new motorcycle tires today at the 2007 Powersports Dealer Expo.  The Bridgestone Battlax BT-021 Sport-Touring Radial, the Bridgestone Battlax BT-002 RS Supersport Radial and the BattleWing BW-501 (Front) and BW-502 (Rear) Adventure Sport tires.  (Photos by; Text courtesy Bridgestone) …

Popular Motorcycle Tire Brands

We have reviewed a lot of tires over the year at WBW so we know a thing or two about which the brands our editors love. We also see the analytics on the site so we know which brands get the more views and attention from our readers. Between consumer interest, our editor’s opinions and talking to our friends at RevZilla here are the most popular brands at the moment.



Michelin is the famous French tire manufacturer and one of the largest on the planet.

Michelin participated in MotoGP from 1972 to 2008. They introduced radial construction to MotoGP in 1984, and multi-compound tyres in 1994. They achieved 360 victories in 36 years, and from 1993 to 2006, the world championship had gone to a rider on Michelins.

That racing experience helps Michelin create great motorcycle tires. We love the sheer range of Michelin tires and the price points they reach.

Helpful Links: Read Our Michelin Reviews.

Michelin Motorcycle Tires on Amazon Michelin Motorcycle Tires on RevZilla


Pirelli Motorcycle Tires

Pirelli Motorcycle Tires have a racing pedigree shared by few with the Italian company sponsoring racing since 1907.

They are serious about all racing, being the exclusive tyre supplier for the Formula One Championship and for the FIM World Superbike Championship.

Pirelli makes every kind of motorcycle tire you can imagine. From adventure tires to extreme enduro to racing tires for competition, they do it all.

Helpful Links: Read Pirelli Motorcycle Tire Reviews.

Pirelli Motorcycle Tires on Amazon Pirelli Motorcycle Tires on RevZilla


Metzeler tires logo

Metzeler is a German motorcycle tire company that has been producing quality rubber for over a century.

Metzeler proudly employs primarily motorcycle riders who understand the demands of being on the road and put that knowledge into the design of development of all of their motorcycle tires.

Metzeler motorcycle tires have a unique tread pattern and they use specific rubber that we’ve found lasts longer than other brands.

Helpful Links:  Read Our Metzeler Tire Reviews.

Metzeler Motorcycle Tires on Amazon Metzeler Motorcycle Tires on RevZilla


avon tires logo

The UK founded Avon has been making tires since 1890. Avon  makes some of the top motorcycle tires in the game.

Avon motorcycle tyres are designed and manufactured for street and racing applications, from ultra wide tires featuring snakeskin sidewalls to ultra-high performance hypersport-bike tires.

Avon’s long history and heritage of innovation reaches back more than 100 years. Based in Melksham, England, Avon tires are built to perform and are engineered to high standards incorporating the latest in cutting-edge technology.

Helpful Links: Read Avon Tire Reviews.

Avon Motorcycle Tires on Amazon Avon Motorcycle Tires on RevZilla

Tyres for Classic, Antique, Vintage Motorcycles

Lambrook Tyres (aka Classic Bike Tyres) has many different and hard-to-find tyres – tires for antique and vintage motorcycles; they carry some of the very old and rare tire sizes that are hard to find. Vintage Tyre Supplies (U.K.) has a large selection of tires, racing tires, wheels, tubes and accessories for vintage and antique motorcycles (Note: are they still in business?). Barum-Mitas vintage motorcycle tires in street and trials vintage treads; sizes 250×19 to 400×18 plus tubes; call Michael Cushion in Norwich, Norfolk at 01508 499718 (UK).

Coker Tires has vintage motorcycle (and cage) tires. Goodtime Tire & Rubber – tubes; scooter and motorcycle tires. 21st Century Tires is an exporter/wholesaler for “Wanda” vintage tires in many sizes (including 3.25×18 for 1951 Indian Scouts!). Vintage Motorcycle Tires; in Japanese, but tire brands and models are in English. Try Vintage Tyre Supplies; they seem to have a collection of vintage tyres for motorcycles and automobiles. Cheng Shin is now MaxxisContinental – motorcycle tires for modern and vintage bikes. Universal Vintage Tire has motorcycle tires for vintage, classic and antique motorcycles.

Antique Tyres (Australia) has tires for vintage and antique motorcyclesJ&P Cycles has some tires for vintage motorcycles, including the Continental K112 and RB2, Dunlop D402, Diamond Tread by Coker in size 4.00×19, and Super Eagle replica tires.  Watling Tyres classic and racing tires for motorcycles.

American MotoTire carries motorcycle tires and scooter tires by Avon, Bridgestone, Cheng Shin, Dunlop, GBC, IRC, Kenda, Maxxis, Metzeler, Michelin and Pirelli.

Chaparral Motorsports has various brands and seems to be a nice place to do business with reasonable shipping and handling rates. Discount Motorcycle Tire – no longer in business.

Island Racing Services is a Michelin tire specialist with motorcycle racing tires and expertise.

Southwest Moto Tires sells tires at pretty big discounts and offers free shipping if you buy a pair; they get very good ratings from wBW visitors.

SportBike Track Gear claims to have the “best” Michelin tire prices; they also claim all tires in stock, ready to ship.

Tire Express is also popular with webBikeWorld readers.

Tires-n-Stuff lists many tires by the motorcycle model, rather than size; they carry many original equipment tires.

FWR claims to have “Britain’s Cheapest Tyres”; they sell Avon, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Metzeler, Michelin and Pirelli; also sprockets, chains and more. Motorcycle Tyres UK carries Avon, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Metzeler, Michelin and Pirelli. aims to “provide the cheapest possible prices on new tyres” with special deals on front/rear pairs of motorcycle tyres.

AmericanMotoTire carries motorcycle racing tires by Avon, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Metzeler, Michelin and Pirelli  |  Bare Bones carries Bridgestone race tires and slicks.

Goodtime Tire & Rubber – tubes; scooter and motorcycle tires. Heidenau Tires in Germany  IRC TiresItalian Classic Tires has new tires for vintage bikes using old-school tread patterns. Kenda Tires.  Mefo Tires in Germany (another “nobody ever heard of them so they must be good” brand). Mitas Motorcycle Tires are made in Eastern Europe and the U.S.A. Mitas motorcycle tires are available through MX1 in Canada.



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