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Motorcycle Survival Tips for These Dark Times

survival tips

Keep Your Motorcycle Close

In these strange and dark COVID-19-filled days keeping alive is paramount. So, that’s why when I saw the guys over at FortNine were sharing some motorcycle-related survival tips, I thought it best to share it with you all. I doubt the tips here will help you all that much if you’re in quarantine at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but I wanted a reason to share some excellent video content, so I have seized my chance.

The video does a great job of showing you what you can do if you’re out in the wild and stuck with just your bike. Ryan F9 goes over how to make a fire, how to signal for help using mirrors, how to make a distress whistle, how to craft a compass, and how to make a canteen for drinking water. These things are pretty cool, and I hope you never have to do any of them. 

So, if you’re able, I suggest you social distance on your motorcycle far, far away from anyone else, and if you happen to get into a survival situation while you’re out there, use these tips. I’ve included the video below. 


  1. The Fort9 team does a great job on both their videos and their reviews — makes me want to stop by and visit with them sometime if I’m ever that far north.

  2. While I appreciate those great tips – what about those of us in semi rural areas where we are road riders and or dual sport riders and venture off a bit on our own or with a pal staying 6 or more feet apart. Is that so very dangerous ? Is that asking for becoming infected? We know motorcycling as an activity does have risk. Are we harming others by potentially crashing and requiring an EMT or ambulance depriving someone that needs to go to the hospital with the Covid 19? Your thoughts – Personally I think so long as I can get out for a couple of hour rides a few times a week I may very well endure the entire mess a bit better.

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