Motorcycle Survival Tips for These Dark Times

survival tips

Keep Your Motorcycle Close

In these strange and dark COVID-19-filled days keeping alive is paramount. So, that’s why when I saw the guys over at FortNine were sharing some motorcycle-related survival tips, I thought it best to share it with you all. I doubt the tips here will help you all that much if you’re in quarantine at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but I wanted a reason to share some excellent video content, so I have seized my chance.

The video does a great job of showing you what you can do if you’re out in the wild and stuck with just your bike. Ryan F9 goes over how to make a fire, how to signal for help using mirrors, how to make a distress whistle, how to craft a compass, and how to make a canteen for drinking water. These things are pretty cool, and I hope you never have to do any of them. 

So, if you’re able, I suggest you social distance on your motorcycle far, far away from anyone else, and if you happen to get into a survival situation while you’re out there, use these tips. I’ve included the video below.