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Motorcycle Safety News Archive

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Archived Motorcycle Safety News:  New SHARP motorcycle helmet safety comparison rating system launched in the UK  |  Dainese D-Air motorcycle airbag system deploys for first time in racing  |  Motorcycle industry pledges matching funds for new accident study  |  AMA releases public service announcement video to help raise awareness of motorcycles on the road; view video in Windows Media format (3.4MB)  |  Ducati commits to the European Road Safety Charter  |  Snell and FIA to release new children’s helmet safety standards  |  DOT reports motorcycle helmet use up from 48% of riders in 2005 to 51% in 2006, including a rise from 50% to 72% in the Western U.S.; both the Midwest and South dropped.  Study only includes approved helmets  |  wBW Motorcycle Accident Statistics article summarizes recent NHTSA data on motorcycle accidents  |  New Leatt Brace neck safety brace for motorcyclists said to prevent hyperflexion  |  

2007:  New report on motorcycle and scooter road design best practices released  | BMW and KTM developing new type of spine protector for motorcyclists  |  wBW Knox back protector review  |  More motorcycle training urged (USA Today)  |  The smoking gun?  New study says cell phone use leads to 4x higher accident rates  |  U.S. Congress to fund motorcycle crash study  |  White motorcycle helmets improve conspicuity  |  wBWreview of the Airetronics “air bag” vest  |  New European study of 921 motorcycle accidents reports on the causes and factors  (Free; simple registration required)  |  Helmet Saves Kid’s Life

2006:  Yellow Motorcycle Clothing is good  |  Cop’s Story a Reminder the Helmets Save Lives  |  Studies Support Use of Motorcycle Helmets  |  Rating of State Traffic Laws  | Motorcycle Deaths Increase in Texas, Arkansas Following Helmet Law Repeal from U.S. Department of Transportation  |  Are all helmet laws illegal?  Read this interesting storyabout the legality of helmet laws in California  |  The Most Dangerous Intersections in the U.S.A.  |  State motorcycle laws; a breakdown of laws regarding helmet and headlight use, highway speeds, alcohol consumption limits and more


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