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Motorbikes to become hoverbikes?

Malloy Hoverbike

Back in May we showed you the two-seater Aero-X hoverbike and now a UK company is building a solo-seater hoverbike.

Malloy Aeronautics is gearing up to test its hoverbike which they claim will be fast and capable of out-maneuvering a helicopter. It looks like flying hoola hoops and there is no word on what powers the machine. But it basically is an oversized drone and the company has so far only conducted remote flying tests with a dummy aboard.

However, the makers say it takes off like a helicopter, will fly to an altitude of over 3000m and reach speeds of 100 knots (185km/h). It is also being designed to carry a much heavier payload than ordinary drones.

Aero-X hovering bike hoverbike

It’s smaller than the two-seater Aero-X hoverbike from Californian company Aerofex which is planned for release in 2017, costing more than $90,000. The Aero-X is powered by a naturally-aspirated three–rotor rotary engine and will hover up to 3m above the ground, reaching speeds of about 70km/h. It takes off vertically with no need for a run-up or landing strip.


Would you trade two wheels for one of these “flying bikes”? Is this the future of motorcycling?