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MotoGP: What Happened with Aprilia, and Who is Trackhouse Racing?

Pitbull-Owned Venture to Use Aprilia Machinery

A view of the new Trackhouse Racing motorcycle team for MotoGP efforts in 2024.
A view of the new Trackhouse Racing motorcycle team for MotoGP efforts in 2024. Media provided by MotoGP.
  • The CryptoDATA-RNF-Aprilia team accepts cancellation of their contract with Dorna, IRTA
  • Compensation payment to CryptoDATA-RNF allows “amicable agreement” between all parties
  • Trackhouse Racing will enter the MotoGP grid on CryptoDATA-RNF’s Aprilia machinery
  • #88 Miguel Oliveira and #25 Raul Fernandez will represent Trackhouse Racing on the Grand Prix grid

Trackhouse Racing is taking over Aprilia machinery for the MotoGP grid.

What happened between CryptoDATA-RNF and Dorna Sports / IRTA?

This is certainly the beginning of an interesting chapter for Aprilia

Earlier this month, the CryptoDATA-RNF team’s license was withdrawn by the MotoGP Participation Committee (Dorna, FIM, and IRTA). The latter was cited with the following reasons for voiding the team’s license:

Dorna had voided its contract with RNF due to “repeated infractions and breaches of the Participation Agreement affecting the public image of MotoGP.”

– “Trackhouse Racing takes over RNF Aprilia team for 2024 MotoGP season” (Crash)

With the contract officially canceled (and Aprilia terminating their own contract with RNF in the same evening), the CryptoDATA-RNF team could not attend the 2024 MotoGP season (via SpeedWeek).

Residual loose ends and a low buy offer from Dorna Sports caused a rift between the team and Dorna Sports.; compensation was purportedly made to CryptoDATA-RNF to keep the peace, and all parties made an amicable decision “not to disclose how the peace agreement was reached.”

We cannot reveal any details about how much the compensation payment was. But I can say that we are happy with the compensation…”

– Ovidiu Toma, CEO, CryptoData (“RNF and Dorna agree: CryptoDATA withdraws,” SpeedWeek)

Dorna, IRTA [International Race Team Association], and RNF have been able to amicably solve their differences that arose in the last part of the 2023 season.”

“Although the RNF Team will not participate in the 2024 season of MotoGP, Dorna, and IRTA wish the best of success to RNF and CryptoDATA in their commercial ventures.”

– “DORNA, IRTA, and the RNF MotoGP™ Team settle their differences” (
A view of the tank on the new Trackhouse Racing RS-GP motorcycle.
The Trackhouse Racing motorcycle team’s livery (not the final decision in the color scheme!) for MotoGP efforts in 2024. Media provided by CycleNews.

About Trackhouse Racing

With CryptoData-RNF no longer on the Grand Prix grid, our attention turns to Trackhouse Racing. 

For those of you who don’t know, Trackhouse Racing is a venture of Justin Marks and Grammy Award-winning rapper Armando Christian “Pitbull” Pérez

With six previous wins at the NASCAR Cup, Trackhouse Racing is no stranger to podium success, though we’re told MotoGP will be the label’s first time stripping down from four wheels to two… in representation of the grid’s only American team… and riding Noale-based (Italian) machinery.

When a wallop of a combo. 

Regardless, we look ahead to the 2024 MotoGP circuit, where the RNF Team’s absence still leaves behind two Aprilia RS-GPs machines for 2024.

Governance of the things will be the responsibility of multi-time winner Miguel Oliveira (#88) and rookie extraordinaire Raul Fernandez (#25).

A view of the new Trackhouse Racing motorcycle team for MotoGP efforts in 2024.
A view of the new Trackhouse Racing motorcycle team for MotoGP efforts in 2024. Media provided by MotoGP.

How did Trackhouse Racing get into MotoGP?

Believe it or not, we actually have an answer to this one. 

It is Aprilia’s CEO, Massimo Rivola, who mentions that he got to know Justin Marks and his team through a best buddy by the name of PJ Rashidi – the very same that will now manage Trackhouse with Jeremy Appleton (via Fox News).

In short, the end-of-season movement may have left a few moto members woozy, but Rivola makes no qualms about the huge potential Trackhouse Racing has for the Grand Prix grid:

We are happy and proud to welcome Trackhouse into the Aprilia Racing family. What they have been able to build in a very short time in NASCAR is an extraordinary presentation card, which anticipates the potential of this partnership.”

“Our commitment will increase significantly, a responsibility we gladly take on because I am sure, it will allow us to grow even more.”

– Massimo Rivola, CEO, Aprilia (“Exciting Moment As Trackhouse Racing Joins MotoGP Grid as New Team, Replacing RNF Racing Squad,” Eurosport)

What do you think about Trackhouse Racing and the residuals with CryptoDATA-RNF?

*Media provided by MotoGP and Cycle News*