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MotoGP: Maverick Vinales Requests Termination of Contract With Yamaha Racing

Maverick Vinales leaning into a turn in a race

With a passion for racing comes the drive to be the best – and in the case of Maverick Vinales, the passion comes with a bit of drama.

According to reports from MCN and The-Race, Maverick Vinales has just requested an early end to his contract with Yamaha. 

Maverick Vinales next to his bike from Yamaha Racing

Yamaha Racing managing director Lin Jarvis has said in a statement:

“It is with sadness that we will say farewell to Maverick at the end of the year. We are in the middle of our fifth season together, and over the years, we have achieved many highs but also had to manage many lows.”

The news came after a frustrating day for the rider at the Sachsenring German Grand Prix last weekend. 

The Spaniard completed his worst round yet, qualifying 21st and finishing the race in last position, with a quote afterward that showed the racer’s frustrations on the matter.

“I always have the same problem, and that is that the rear wheel skids a lot,” Vinales says, frustrated. “I have been saying it since Portimao, and there is no solution. Yes, it is true that we are working, but six races have already passed to find a solution.”….I’m sorry, but with this bike, it’s impossible. When I arrived at Franco [Morbidelli] I overtook quite well. Just in the first try, I overtook him because against a Yamaha, it is much easier, but with the Ducati, it’s so hard.”

Maverick Vinales dropping his bike at the 2021 German Grand Prix

Vinales shows his true racer’s spirit with the next admittance:

“I really try to be calm. I try to work; I try to do everything. But the result is the same. And then if you have a Ducati in front of you, the frustration is incredible.”

Understandable when worded like that – and it’s not like Vinales doesn’t have other wins to show. 

The rider bagged a pole position and finished second at Assen, just a few days after the unfortunate incident at the Sachsenring.

Maverick Vinales popping a bottle of champagne

When it comes to the young rider’s talents, the proof is in the pudding – though the damage is already done for his team. 

“After the German GP, which was the most difficult weekend of our partnership, we had important discussions in Assen”, says Jarvis, “and came to the conclusion that it would be in the interest of both parties to go our separate ways in the future.”

Vinales still plans on finishing his remaining time with Yamaha strong, and there is talk of a potential move to Aprilia or Aramco Racing Team VR46 – now signed on with Ducati. 

the Yamaha Racing Team, with Quartararo and Vinales
The 2021 Yamaha Racing Team, From Left to Right: Fabio Quartararo, Lin Jarvis, Massimo Meregalli, Maverick Vinales

In the meantime, the importance of his time at Yamaha hasn’t been lost on him.

“This partnership has been very significant to me over the last five years, and it proved a difficult decision to part ways. In these seasons together, we experienced both great achievements and tough times. However,”, Vinales admits, “the underlying feeling is of mutual respect and appreciation. I am fully committed and will strive to achieve the best results for the rest of the season.”

Our hats off to the man, and may his drive to ride continue to guide his instincts – both on and off the track.