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More Images of the Triumph Tiger 900 Surface

triumph tiger 900

It Looks Fantastic

Triumph will reveal a new Tiger 900 in December, which is right around the corner. Before the company does, though, it’s letting a lot of really good images of the bike slip out into the world. The publication MoreBikes published several new images of the bike, many of which appear to be from the same shoot as the video that I included with the first info about the December reveal.

The Tiger 900 is all-new for the 2020 model year, and Triumph will have two different versions of it: a GT and a Rally. This kind of jives with what the company has done for other bikes, like the new Rocket 3. That bike is offered in two different versions, too.

It is not totally clear at this time where the bike will fall in the lineup. Triumph has a Tiger 800, and I could see this model replacing that one. It also wouldn’t be too much to say that Triumph could sell these models side by side. The new images shown below don’t give me the answers I’m looking for but they do show off the motorcycle a little more, so I suggest taking a look. When the bike debuts in December, I’ll have more information for you.