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Mondo Enduro Video Review

Mondo Enduro

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This is a fantastic video, and it’s one of the most entertaining and incredible stories I’ve seen in a long time.

The British have a long history of embarking on wild adventures to explore the unknown, and Mondo Enduro ranks right up there with the best of them.

A group of motorcycle-riding friends decides, probably over a pint, to establish a record for motorcycling around the world, using the longest possible land route in the shortest possible time. Why and how was besides the point — it just seemed like the thing to do!

So with minimal preparation, four of them take a year off from their jobs and head out across the channel and down through France to start an incredible 440 day, 44,000 mile journey around the world.

This is motorcycle touring at its most basic — no fancy BMWs were used here (they used Suzuki 350’s), no high-tech gadgets, an absolute minimum of clothing and supplies, and primitive tents and sleeping gear. No emergency vans or lorries to follow in case of a breakdown, very few spare parts, and not even a cell phone!

All of the filming was done by the group, using a Hi-8 and Super 8 cameras. The camera work is perfect for the subject, and it helps to set the mood, because it’s not too slick or over produced, yet it’s very clever, considering the circumstances and the equipment.

Someone has a great knack for directing and editing, because there really isn’t a dull moment. I previewed the video for a group of non-motorcyclists, and they absolutely loved it. Why Mondo Enduro hasn’t been shown on the Discovery Channel or Speed Channel in the U.S.A. is a mystery; I think it’s that good and it would be very entertaining for a wide audience.

Mondo Enduro - Motorcycle touring video

The story follows the Mondo Enduro team through France and Italy, across Greece and the Balkans, down through Turkey and along an unbelievable journey across the former Soviet states and Siberia. Conditions go from bad to worse: no food, no roads and thousands of miles of wilderness.

After that, it’s on to Alaska, down the west coast of the United States, and down the Pan American highway in Central and South America. Over to Africa by plane and back up the continent, through Saudi Arabia and then back home.

With minimal supplies, very primitive camping along the way and a dependence upon the friendliness of the natives to see them through, it’s one adventure after another and some pretty amazing luck. Within the first 48 hours or so in France, the group is already tired, and they still have 438 days to go!

They push on and on, way past the limits of any endurance I could possibly muster. A couple of the members drop out along the way with some pretty lame excuses, and another friend joins the group about half-way through, but the journey keeps going, seemingly on its own momentum.

It’s funny, amazing, light-hearted and awesome. Like any good video or film, the story line is what holds it together. The right-there, right-now footage makes it so real, you can feel the mud caked to your clothes.

webBikeWorld has no connection with the producers of this video, financial or otherwise. All I can say is that this is a ripping good tale, and I highly recommend it.