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Mistakes To Avoid While Shipping Your Motorcycle

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(Shipping article by contributor)

An automobile is indeed one of your most valuable possessions, and you cannot hand it over to someone leniently. But there are certain unavoidable situations when you have no other alternative than to trust third-party organizations to get your motorcycle transported.

If you need to transport your motorbike from one city to another, you must look up the websites offering these services. There are many car transport companies that can provide quick transportation of motorbikes as well as cars, along with simple procedures and complete assurance of security. However, you should also be proactive on your part before signing the deal and shipping your motorbike. Some of the most prevalent blunders to avoid while shipping your automobile are:

Ignoring a background check

The shipping company you choose for your bike must be registered with the Department of Transportation. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration necessitates to permit them when shipping across the borders.

Before handing over your vehicle, check their unique registration numbers on government websites. If the company is not presenting you with MC or DoT number, make sure that you get the entire document authenticated in writing. Also, look out for genuine reviews of the company over the internet.

Failing to produce documents

To safely ship your motorcycle outside the city, the companies will require certain original documents like your insurance certificate and automobile registration paperwork. You may also have to present documents supporting your ownership of the vehicle. To stay out of complications, make sure to gather these documents, prior to requirement.

You should also make sure to go through the inspection report they create, after a thorough scrutiny of your bike. Keep a copy of the report with your documents, and once you receive the motorbike after shipping, run a manual check. If there are any new damages because of shipping, bring this to their notice immediately.

Keeping insurance aside

When you are finalizing the shipment, make sure that the company is providing you with proper insurance over the delivery. If required, go through their certificate and understand what sort of damages will be covered under their policy, if your vehicle faces any accident during the transportation.

If the shipping company is not providing you with any assistance, you can ask for extended support from your insurance firm. You can also purchase these additional facilities from the shipping companies, separately.

Ignoring fragile parts

Regardless of how sturdy your vehicle might seem, there remain several components that are breakable. Thus, it becomes crucial to keep these safeguarded before you send your motorcycle for shipping. Most of the time, shipping companies tend to pack the vehicle in a box container so that fragile parts don’t incur any significant damage.

These components include headlights, which can be removed and shipped separately. Ignoring this aspect can take a hit on the overall integrity of your motorbike, as these might face considerable damage during the process. It is also advised to take a picture of your motorcycle before you hand it over so that you can assess if there is any damage situation.