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Safe and Merry Christmas from Motorbike Writer

Safe and Merry Christmas from Motorbike Writer

Have a merry and a safe Christmas holiday season from all the staff at Motorbike Writer.

We value safety highly and have published many articles about safe riding tips throughout the year.

But we don’t just want you to practise safe riding techniques, we have also campaigned to authorities to improve our safety.

Instead of punishment with increasing fines and taxes, governments and authorities need to spend our tax dollars on making our roads safer, educating motorists about motorcycles and training motorists to be better drivers.

We’d also like to see the police out patrolling more for inattentive and aggressive drivers who make our ride more dangerous.

This Christmas, be extra vigilant, stay safe and we’ll see you in the New Year.

Meanwhile, we thought we’d drum up a little support for our our new Motorcycle Gear Shop with the help of this great Harley-Davidson video.

We’ve scoured the world for interesting products for our shop. We’ve reviewed them and stand by them; so you can do a bit of motorbike shopping while you’re browsing the latest motorcycle news.

We’ve also produced our own unique-design motorcycle t-shirts which are printed by a quality Australian company.

Sales in our shop help us continue to provide an independent news source for riders that is not afraid to pull punches and include official safety recall notices.