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Marco George Sets the World Record for the World’s Fastest Headstand on a Motorcycle

headstand motorcycle world record

Because Why Not, Ya Know?

I wasn’t aware that doing a headstand on a motorcycle was a thing that was recorded as a world record, but apparently, it is. The British daredevil Marco George recently set the world record for the fastest headstand on a motorcycle. He managed to do a headstand on a bike traveling 76.1764 mph.

His first attempt he only hit 68 mph, according to RideApart. But after that one, he decided to do it again and try to get over 70 mph. He definitely succeeded. After achieving that speed, he decided to call it quits. “I promised my mum that if I hit 70 I’d call it a day, so I have to honor my promise to my mum because she’s not too happy with watching this,” said George.

The folks at the Guinness World Records have not officially ratified this record yet. They should, though, there were plenty of spectators and there’s video evidence. I also believe George contacted the correct people ahead of time. George is a robotics engineer who does stunt riding on the side for fun. He trained for a couple of years to get ready for the attempts, according to The Irish News. You can watch the video of his efforts below.