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M-Tech Adventure Jacket Review

M-Tech Adventure Jacket

M-Tech Adventure Jacket
M-Tech Adventure Jacket Review Summary
Review Summary
My feeling is that the M-Tech Adventure jacket is a step above the typical lower-end jacket and it has some of the features included in jackets costing much more. So it can be classified as a mid-range jacket with its introductory street price starting at $439.99 (list price is $589.99). Overall, the Adventure jacket has a solid feel, with a more rugged "presence" than the less expensive competitors. It feels like a jacket that would serve well for many years, take a lot of abuse and keep coming back for more.
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Excellent overall quality and features are mostly a step above the average 3/4-length jacket
No hook-and-loop! Has a sturdy, protective feel
Schoeller c_change is effective
2 large waterproof pockets
Cargo pockets have snaps and zippers
Very minimal ventilation
Collar feels a bit thick; it protects in winter but could be too warm in summer
Sleeve cuffs could have a slimmer design
Not much additional abrasion protection in the shoulders or elbows
A Good Buy

The M-Tech Adventure is the company’s top-of-the-line 3/4-length textile jacket. The Adventure jacket has been popular with motorcyclists around the world and it’s now available in the U.S.A. It’s claimed fully waterproof and it has proven itself in our harsh winter and spring weather. The tough-feeling 500 denier Cordura outer shell is also treated with a water-repellant coating.

M-Tech is known for advanced technology fabric and leather treatments and the Adventure jacket is no exception; it includes the Schoeller “c_change” technology in the removable insulating liner. c_change is a type of “phase change” material that absorbs heat to help the rider stay cooler on hot days and warmer on cool days. It works.

The Adventure jacket feels rugged and the overall construction and quality is decidedly a step above most basic 3/4-length motorcycle jackets, yet it’s still reasonably priced. The M-Tech Adventure jacket would make a very good all-around 3/4-length jacket for general riding or adventure-touring in cooler weather. Better ventilation may be needed for warm weather, however.

M-Tech Adventure Jacket



The M-Tech brand may not be familiar to U.S. motorcyclists. The company is relatively new, having started in 2001 as an offshoot of the very large Mastrotto Group leather manufacturers in Italy.

M-Tech clothing is now available in the U.S.A., starting with their line of leather and textile jackets, each with a unique technological feature.

For example, M-Tech is known for their “REFRACTION” leather treatment, which reduces UV and other wavelengths to keep black leather cooler.

As strange as it may seem for black leather to remain cool, it actually works. We reviewed the M-Tech Racer gloves back in 2008 and used an infrared thermometer to record heat levels on various parts of the gloves. You can read all about it in the review.

You may have seen other brands of leather jackets, pants and gloves that use the Refraction technology also.

Other M-Tech technologies include their “MASPEL” leather, which combines a polyurethane coating with the leather to make it waterproof. Again, you have probably seen this technology used in motorcycle gear as well.

The Adventure jacket gets its technological tweak through the use of the Schoeller “c_change” phase changing technology, apparently found in the windproof/waterproof liner (minimal technical information is available on the jacket).

We first described Schoeller c_change in the Richa Spirit jacket review, where it’s used to good effect. Although it sounds too sci-fi to believe, it works.

The M-Tech Adventure jacket definitely feels more comfortable in weather cold and warm when both liners are inserted.

M-Tech Adventure Jacket Front Side Views

M-Tech Adventure Jacket Styling

The Adventure jacket comes in all black or the gray/black/blue colorway shown here. The blue across the front is an interesting shade and may be close to the “authority” blue color used by police forces in Europe and said to be highly visible.

The jacket styling is fairly modern and perhaps a bit conservative. It looks like a cross between a modern adventure-touring style and generic 3/4-length jacket.

That’s a good thing actually for an all-purpose motorcycle jacket because the styling should remain contemporary for many years — at the very least for the lifetime of the jacket.

M-Tech Adventure Jacket Features

The Adventure jacket shell is made from 500 denier Cordura that feels sturdy and a bit stiff, or “heavy duty”.

M-Tech says that the jacket shell has a water-repellant treatment on the outside and it does seem to be water-resistant at the outermost shell boundary, although there just isn’t a lot of available information about the jacket details.

Water Resistance

I don’t see any type of bonded layer on the inside of the shell; it’s a bit difficult to see it to tell exactly by looking through the mesh attached lining, but it appears that other than an internal attached lining made from fine mesh that the outer shell fabric is the only layer.

M-Tech does claim that the jacket is 100% waterproof however, and based on my experience with it in what has so far proven to be a wet spring, that has proven correct, although I wonder how long the water-repellent coating will last.

I also tried some experimenting by pooling water on the outside of the jacket and although the water leaves a temporary wet mark on the Cordura fibers, none leaked through after quite some time.

The water evaporated before it leaked through the shell.

The Adventure jacket has a removable wind-resistant liner that appears to also act as a waterproof barrier, although curiously there’s no information about this liner on the M-Tech website.

We can’t determine if the Schoeller c_change is included in the windblocking liner or in the insulating liner.

Schoeller c_change Video Demonstration 

Schoeller c_change

This technology was first described in the webBikeWorld Richa Spirit jacket review but it’s worth repeating some of that information here.

c_change is similar to the Outlast brand of “phase change” material, found in products like the Roadgear Adaptive-Tec gloves (review) and now also found in insulating vests and other motorcycle clothing.

The c_change product is a “bionic climate membrane” that, according to Schoeller, mimics the opening and closing of a pine cone as it adapts to weather conditions.

The c_change membrane is windproof and waterproof, as you might expect for a membrane-type motorcycle jacket liner.

But it also has a special characteristic that allows the pores to open or close, depending on the temperature and the activity level of the wearer.

For example, when the weather is hot or the rider is active in off-road riding, the pores of the c_change material will open to allow body moisture to escape. Just the opposite happens in cold weather, when the structure compresses to help retain heat.

While it sounds almost unbelievable, it actually works. The Adventure jacket — with liners inserted — feels more comfortable than it should in cold and warm weather.

It’s especially noticeable in warmer weather, where even with both liners installed, the jacket provides a comfortable feeling. Of course, at the extremes of temperature the effect might not be as noticeable, but it should help.

M-Tech Adventure Jacket Sleeve


The Adventure jacket is covered with pockets, from a clear zippered ID pocket on the left sleeve to two large and deep waterproof pockets in the front (one vertical and one horizontal), complete with waterproof zippers.

The standard 3/4-length jacket cargo hand or waist pockets are there, with a fold-over flap that secures with metal snaps.

These pockets have an additional zipper, which is more of a high-end feature found on more expensive jackets. A third smaller cargo pocket is located mid-chest on the left.

A zippered pocket is located inside the left placket — perfect for stowing a wallet — and the jacket shell has two more pockets on the inside of each side of the chest. A large storage pocket in the rear opens on each side with a vertical zipper.

M-Tech Adventure Jacket Side Rear Views

Removable Liners

The removable wind/waterproof liner I mentioned earlier zips into the jacket shell with a single zipper. It attaches at the sleeve cuffs with snaps.

The insulating liner has full-length sleeves and it attaches to the inside of the windblocking liner, also with snaps. The snaps are staggered and located far enough up in the sleeve cuff to slim down the end of the shell sleeves to fit under gloves.

The insulating liner also zips into the wind/waterproof liner, but the insulating liner can be zipped into the jacket separately for a sort of 3-in-1 combination, which adds to the Adventure jacket’s utility.

The wind/waterproof liner can be stowed in the pocket in the back of the jacket shell.

M-Tech Adventure Jacket Upper Chest


Collar, Cuffs and Adjusters

The two features which I think could use some improvement on the Adventure jacket are the collar and sleeve cuffs. The collar does have some benefits; it’s a stand-up collar and it feels very “heavy-duty” — too much so, in fact.

It’s a bit too thick and it has heavy elastic pleats on either side. It’s apparently designed to fit snugly around the neck, which may be a benefit in cold weather but I found the collar to feel a bit too confining, although that’s personal taste.

The collar has two snaps for adjustment in the front, so the adjustment range is also slightly limited, although I don’t have any trouble fitting it but perhaps it would be more comfortable if a wider range was available.

Some owners detest hook-and-loop, so snaps may be preferable. There are two snaps also on the back of the collar to make the diameter smaller, but I don’t need them as the collar is tight enough as it is.

In fact, now that I’m looking over the Adventure jacket again, I don’t see any hook-and-loop or Velcro used anywhere, so hook-and-loop haters, this is your jacket.

I’m perfectly fine with snaps instead of hook-and-loop and it does give the Adventure jacket a more upscale feel.

Even the sleeve cuffs use snaps; two of them only for adjustment with a vertical zipper to open the cuff further if required. The use of the snaps does limit the amount of adjustment however, and that’s my only complaint with the Adventure jacket.

The jacket has a sturdy waist adjustment system and snap adjusters on the upper and lower arms. Vertical zippers in the rear also can be opened to allow more room at the bottom along the hem. The jacket has a pants attachment zipper on the inside.


The Adventure jacket has just two small zippered vents, one on each upper arm. They’re not very effective, so I don’t know at this point how well the jacket will perform in hot weather. I’d have to call this a 3-season jacket only for cooler weather.

There’s a mesh-covered slit along the bottom of the jacket on the inside, so some air does circulate around and through and the full mesh liner helps to keep the jacket shell offset from the rider’s body, which also helps.

The c_change technology can only do so much to keep the rider comfortable and it does help, but if you’re looking for lots of air flow through a jacket, this probably isn’t the one for you.

Sizing and Fit

The M-Tech Adventure jacket is available in sizes ranging from Small to XXL. This jacket is a size 54 and fits to size (U.S. men’s XL).

With both liners removed, the size does increase by 1/2 to 1 full size, so it’s probably best to order one size small if you’re on the borderline.


The Adventure jacket uses both YKK and “Zorco” zippers. The main entry zipper is the typical large YKK type with nylon teeth. It’s a single-action zipper and the outer flap snaps over the top with a rain gutter on the right side.

The windproof/waterproof liner zips to the inside of the jacket shell and the insulating jacket liner zips to the inside of the windproof/waterproof liner. The insulating liner can also attach directly to the inside of the jacket shell.


The Adventure jacket has minimal reflectivity, with a single strip of reflective piping across the back, as illustrated in the photos below.

M-Tech Adventure Jacket Reflectivity


The jacket includes the Powertector brand shoulder and elbow protectors labeled EN Level 1. The standard European EN type documentation is not included, but a hang tag describing the Powertector products is attached.

The jacket doesn’t really have any additional abrasion protection overlays on the elbows or shoulders, although the black fabric over the shoulder might be an overlay.

But it could also be sewn as a single layer with the jacket and colored differently for style, it’s difficult to tell.

The Adventure jacket has a removable soft pad as a back protector; M-Tech doesn’t list a back protector option but the shape feels like a standard type, so I’m sure options are available from other manufacturers.

webBikeWorld Overall Opinionator: M-Tech Adventure Jacket
Picks… …and Pans
  • Excellent overall quality and features are mostly a step above the average 3/4-length jacket.
  • No hook-and-loop!
  • Has a sturdy, protective feel.
  • Schoeller c_change is effective.
  • 2 large waterproof pockets.
  • Cargo pockets have snaps and zippers.
  • Very minimal ventilation.
  • Collar feels a bit thick; it protects in winter but could be too warm in summer.
  • Sleeve cuffs could have a slimmer design.
  • Not much additional abrasion protection in the shoulders or elbows.


My feeling is that the M-Tech Adventure jacket is a step above the typical lower-end jacket (e.g., Joe Rocket, Fieldsheer, Tourmaster, etc.) and it has some of the features included in jackets costing much more.

So it can be classified as a mid-range jacket with its introductory street price starting at $439.99 (list price is $589.99).

I’d like to see a more comfortable collar and perhaps even some hook-and-loop on the sleeve cuffs, to make them a slimmer fit under glove gauntlets. I’d also like to see more abrasion protection over the elbows.

I’m also not sure at this point how well the jacket will perform once the weather becomes warmer — if it ever does. But in cooler weather, the jacket performs admirably.

Overall, the Adventure jacket has a solid feel, with a more rugged “presence” than the less expensive competitors. It feels like a jacket that would serve well for many years, take a lot of abuse and keep coming back for more.

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