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Low Profile Motorcycle Helmets – DOT Approved

The Badass Helmets List of the Best Low Profile (Shorty) DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmets

When it comes to low profile helmets, there are a number of different choices that are available to individuals who prefer to utilize these types of helmets. For this post we focused on DOT certified helmets to ensure at least some safety levels were being adhered to.

Traditionally, open face shorty and skull cap helmets let you enjoy the fresh air and feel free, but they are the least safe helmet you can buy. Despite that they are hugely popular and therefore we created this post to at least help riders choose from certified lids.

On the positive side, chopper helmets and skull cap designs are lightweight and offer great visibility. Known as skid lids they are technically known as half helmets. Because of the low profile helmet design they leave a rider open to the elements and can come off easily. Make sure you find a helmet that fits you perfectly, it is probably the most important part of the buying process.

You will often see the term “mushroom head” when referring to shorty style helmets. The “mushroom” head look of other helmets that use excessive padding and thick shells to meet DOT standards. Low profile motorcycle helmets have little to no padding and are therefore avoid mushroom head (another reasion they are hugely popular in cafe racers and outlaw biker circles.

Our rankings of the top low profile and shorty motorcycle helmets was to focus on lightweight DOT-certified helmets that protect and still looks great. This isn’t about only reducing the mushroom head look, this is about choosing a helmet that can combine the best of both worlds and not miss anything.

17 Best Low Profile Motorcycle Helmets

Crazy Al’s Sons of Anarchy Inspired Helmet

Let’s face it, it’s really hard to feel like you belong in SAMCRO without the right look. Crazy Al has created a cool Sons of Anarchy inspired helmet to bring that look right to your doorstep. 100% DOT legal, in a variety of styles that let you have style but avoid mushroom head. No mushroom head you say! The helmet looks great and seems well constructed. I feel like the DOT certification is no joke and it’s a helmet we recommend. The thing that impresses us most on this helmet is the buckle mechanism. 1 easy pull on a fabric.

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Crazy Al’s Shorty Helmet


Perfect fit! Love the clasp! Perfect for something not so padded and mushroom like. DOT approved. Can’t get any better than this for the price. Super lightweight and very stiff at the same time. Definitely solid protection (for an open face helmet). Quick release chin strap works perfectly. No complaints.

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German D.O.T. Approved Helmet

This Daytona Helmet German Dull Black which is replica World War II design Meets and Exceeds D.O.T. FMVSS 218 Standards. The German retro item is fully lined with a custom formed interior for extreme comfort. It is shown in a soft touch Dull Black finish. Moisture wicking fabric keeps your head cooler and more comfortable. Nickel plated rolled tubular steel rivets look seamlessly on the helmet. Quick release lock on edging – for that finished look.

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Daytona Helmets Slim Line Skull Cap

Nobody likes the mushroom head look and Daytona keeps you looking great and safe with their Slimline Half Shells. Meets And Exceeds D.O.T. FMVSS 218 Standards And Is The Smallest D.O.T. 1/2 Shell Helmet Ever Made!! With 3 Different Shell Sizes, You’re Sure To Get That Proportionate Fit. The Daytona Skull Cap items are fully lined with a custom formed interior for extreme comfort. They are shown in a soft touch Dull Black or Clear Lacquer finish. Available with or without removable, snap on gloss black mini scoop visor. Each graphic item is custom designed and may vary in color or composition. Free head wrap and drawstring bag are also included.

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D.O.T. Daytona Skull Cap With Inner Shield

OurD.O.T. Daytona Skull Cap 1/2 Shell Helmet With Inner Retractable Smoke Shield In The Soft Touch Dull Black Finish, MeetsAnd Exceeds D.O.T. FMVSS 218 Standards. Available Without Snaps/Visor Only. It Is AlsoAvailable In Hi-Gloss Black. Free Head Wrap And Cloth Draw String Bag Included. Sizes Range From XS-XL. Meets And Exceeds D.O.T. Safety Standards FMVSS 218. Inner Anti-Scratch, Retractable Smoke Shield. Moisture Wicking Fabric Keeps Your Head Cooler And More Comfortable.

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Motorcycle Skull Cap Half Helmet- DOT

The first thing that someone notices when they look at this helmet is that it is reminiscent of the types of German helmets that were worn during World War II. It is a very popular helmet for consumers, largely because of the quality of its workmanship. In addition, this is a helmet that is attractive to look at and because it is so different, it is something that grabs the attention of everyone that sees it, whether they have any interest in riding motorcycles or not. It is well made and it is designed for comfort, something that many full face helmets have trouble accomplishing.

This helmet comes in a flat black color that is sprayed uniformly all over the helmet. Its composite shell is made of durable polycarbonate material, meaning that this is a helmet that can stand up to a lot of punishment and still be used faithfully for years and years. It also means that the helmet itself is extremely lightweight. This makes it a comfortable choice for many individuals who do not want to support a heavy helmet on their neck and shoulders all day long. In addition, it has a specially designed liner that is designed to absorb impact, making it more comfortable for long trips.

This particular helmet has a chin strap that is fully adjustable to fit virtually any individual. In addition, the nylon chin strap fastens securely so the helmet stays securely attached to the head even in challenging conditions. To make this particular product even more popular, it can easily be used with goggles. It is truly the perfect item for anyone that wants to enjoy a long road trip on a motorcycle without feeling as though they are being weighed down by a heavy full face helmet all day long.

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Outlaw T-72 Matte Black Dual-Visor Motorcycle Half Helmet

Outlaw Dual-Visor Motorcycle Half Helmet

 This is a helmet that is able to provide outstanding looks with the protection that is so often desired by motorcycle riders. Some individuals have the misconception that half helmets simply do not protect as well as full face helmets because they are more lightweight and they have less surface area. This is a helmet that is designed to stand up to a tremendous amount of punishment such as that which might be experienced in a crash, yet it is able to provide that level protection without burdening the rider with a heavy product. Most of it is due to its polycarbonate shell that can take a great deal of punishment without giving in.

As previously mentioned, this helmet is finished in flat black and to complement its looks, it is completed with DOT and Outlaw graphics that are featured on the back of the helmet. To complete the look, it has a shield that is tinted and offers high definition, making it almost perfect for riders who are facing the sun or who are riding into other types of lighting conditions that are less than ideal. Of course, the visor is removable if the individual in question so desires.

Perhaps the two best things about this helmet is that the shield is able to drop down and retract easily. Anyone that has ever tried to operate a shield that was jerky or difficult while riding on a challenging road knows how frustrating it is to have to fumble with the shield in order to get it up or down. This is a product that works very well and allows riders to extend and retract the shield in a matter of seconds without putting forth any effort in order to do so. The helmet is also padded so it provides an extra level of comfort. This makes it an outstanding product.

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TORC T55 Spec-Op Half Helmet with ‘Flag” Graphic

The ultimate low profile half shell with dual density. The TORC spec-op is the helmet for you. It fits. With that slim, close to the head profile that others have tried to produce without success. The integrated, Retractable drop-down sun visor is a great way to have sun shade when needed

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TORC T55 With Lucky 13 Graphic

The ultimate low profile half shell with dual density. The TORC spec-op is the helmet for you. It fits. With that slim, close to the head profile that others have tried to produce without success. The integrated, Retractable drop-down sun visor is a great way to have sun shade when needed.

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Fly Racing Street 9mm Ghost Skull Helmet

German WWII styling meets American DOT safety standards… and ghosts and skulls – the Fly 9mm Ghost Skull Helmet. D.O.T. approved thermoplastic poly alloy shell. Dual density EPS liner. Removable, washable Coolmax comfort liner. German WWII styling

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GMax GM65 Naked Helmet

The GMax GM65 Naked Half Helmet is full of design features that include a tool-less quick change sun shield system and a dual density EPS that allows for a lightweight small shell design. The sun shield is UV400 rated for 100% UV protection.

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Bell Pit Boss Low Profile Helmet

From the first time you put the Pit Boss helmet on, you can feel the difference. The ultra-light TriMatrix construction keeps weight to a minimum while still passing tough DOT standards. The Bell Pit Boss also features Bell’s innovative Speed Dial adjustable fit system which provides unmatched levels of comfort while drastically reducing the tendency for open face helmets to lift off of the head.

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Sena Cavalry

The Sena Cavalry Bluetooth Helmet features Bluetooth integration within a premium fiberglass half shell helmet. There is no need to futz with routing wires or repositioning speakers or dealing with a microphone sticking out in front of your face. Sena’s advanced sound processing filters out road and wind noise so that your conversations will be surprisingly clear. Pairing to a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device to your Sena allows you to take advantage of your smartphone’s capabilities such as navigation or hands free calling.

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HJC IS-Cruiser

he HJC IS-Cruiser Helmet is paired down for rugged good looks and sheer simplicity. There’s no complex lever to deploy the sun shield. You naturally grab small exposed tabs and pull it down, so not much to go wrong here. No frills, no fuss. It comes with a plush, Nylex interior that is able to wick away moisture.

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AFX FX-200 Slick Helmet

This is one of the lightest half helmets you will come across. Perfect combination of ground-breaking high-tech features at an affordable price. Simplicity redefined – no shields, no visor, and no ear covers. High-performance fiberglass and reinforced plastic shell is lightweight and super-strong. Comfortable, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial liner.

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Scorpion EXO-C110

The EXO-C110 is Scorpion’s next generation take on a classic helmet. The EXO110 features subtle modern lines, an advanced ventilation system, a dual EPS liner, and an improved SpeedView sunvisor mechanism. It features crown ventilation as well as an advanced polycarbonate shell. You also get to enjoy removable communicator speaker pockets and a SpeedView folding sun visor.

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Bell Scout Air Helmet

Bell Scout Air

Lightweight with lateral impact protection, the Bell Scout Air helmet is the perfect compromise for riders on the fence between a half helmet and an open face. 5 shells and EPS liners keeps a low outer profile for a sleek look while maintaining maximum protection within each shell size.

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Other Shorty & Low Profile Half Helmet Motorcycle Helmets We Love

They go by many names. Shorty motorcycle helmets, german style shorty helmets, novelty helmets, half helmets, skull cap helmets and many more. Ultimately these helmets are all about the outlaw lifestyle and that is why they are so popular amongst riders everywhere. Above we shared our favorite shorty helmets, but in our research over the years we have found dozens and dozens of other brands and styles that are just awesome. This section is an ode to the shorty, german style, skull cap and half helmets that we absolutely love but didn’t quite crack our best of list above. As always our lists are subjective to definitely check these ones out.

Eagle- HI-Gloss Black

The Daytona Helmets team has done it again with this helmet. They know how to avoid mushroom head and keep you looking like the epic cafe racer you are. This is a great all around helmet and for the money it is an amazing deal.

Check Prices & Availability - World's Smallest Motorcycle Helmet - DOT Approved Ultra Low Profile Beanie - Gloss Black No Peak - Small
DOT Approved Ultra Low Profile Beanie – Gloss Black No Peak

With an Ultra Low Profile it sits low and snug on your head – the Smallest & Lightest DOT shell size ever made! Meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS No. 218 standards Quick release adjustable straps for easy helmet removal.

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low profile motorcycle helmet

Skid Lid Helmets Original Solid Helmet

This helmet is great low profile and handsome only issue is that its a tighter fit than most helmets of its size. Contoured helmet with a low-profile fit. Clean, minimalist styling. Thermoplastic alloy injected shell.
Retention straps with D-rings. Meets or exceeds DOT standards.

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Carbon Fiber DOT Approved

No more mushroom head! Join the 50,000+ riders who have been wearing our helmets since 2008! Made of 3 layers of genuine carbon fiber. With an Ultra Low Profile it sits low and snug on your head.  Our lightest helmet ever and quite possibly the lightest beanie on the planet! Meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS No. 218 standards. Quick release adjustable straps for easy helmet removal.

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Sons of Anarchy Carbon Fiber Helmet

No more mushroom head! Join the 50,000+ riders who have been wearing our helmets since 2008! Made of 3 layers of genuine carbon fiber. With an Ultra Low Profile it sits low and snug on your head.  Our lightest helmet ever and quite possibly the lightest beanie on the planet! Meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS No. 218 standards. Quick release adjustable straps for easy helmet removal

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Eagle Dull Black Helmet Low Profile
Daytona Eagle Super Low Profile Helmet

Super low profile. Exactly what I was looking for. I ordered the same size I wear in DOT helmets and it fit perfect. Haven’t rode yet with it but the fit is dead on and bye bye mushroom head. If you want low profile at a great price this is it.

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DOT Daytona Skull Cap Helmet

This helmet fits perfect. From comparisons I did with other helmets this does appear to be on the thinner side as far as helmet thickness. There is less mushroom affect with this helmet than one I have of another brand. The only con for me is that the liner is NOT removable. Other than that I love it. Will probably buy another one at a later date. Hope this review is helpful.

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leather german motorcycle

TCMT Dot Adult German Style Black Leather Half Helmet

TCMT is a well known name in the German half helmet space. Half helmets are ideal for cruising around and offer great air circulation keeping your head cool. This cool leather, German style half helmet by TCMT has an exterior shell that is aerodynamically shaped for ease of cutting through the air with less buffeting and wind noise, thus lessening the stress on the rider’s neck muscles after a long ride. The helmet also has a padded neck and head interior and is heavily cushioned and very comfortable interior.

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AHR DOT German Style Motorcycle Half Helmet

This DOT approved German style helmet is approved according to US safety standards. The retro and classic German design is the perfect low profile helmet. Never goes out of style and this vintage design is well made and high quality. Very light in weight with a strong shell and high density buffer layer it is ideal for chopper, cruiser, scooter and more.

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Carbon Fiber German Motorcycle Helmet DOT

Slick looks, safe, and ultra-unique; check out the Carbon Fiber German Motorcycle Helmet! This DOT approved biker helmet has a high gloss shine and materials you’d be hard pressed to find in other German helmets. It wasn’t easy, but we found the perfect balance between safe and light weight without costing a fortune. The Carbon Fiber German Biker helmet is constructed of various shell sizes and uses a one inch liner. It weighs less than 2 pounds but still meets or exceeds all of the DOT safety standards. The chin strap goes through stainless steel D rings and is fully adjustable. The helmet includes a One Year warranty so toss it on, jump on your ride, and have some fun.

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Skid Lid Original Helmet

Skid Lid Original Helmet

It is a nice lightweight helmet. It is not quite as low profile as some of the others on this list but it does meet DOT standards. There is plenty of air movement and it is very comfortable. Great helmet for the money.

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