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Los Angeles has a new Zero Emissions Roadmap 2.0 Plan

2020 Zero SR/F

80 Percent of New Vehicles to be Electric by 2028

The electric vehicle movement is now in full swing. It’s not just electric motorcycles that are included in this, but they are an important part of the equation. According to RideApart, Los Angeles has an ambitious new goal for electric vehicles. The new Zero Emissions Roadmap 2.0 was created by the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator.

There’s a lot to the roadmap, but the most important thing to note is that the plan calls for 80 percent of all new vehicles sold in the region to be electric by 2028. That might seem like a ways away, but eight years is not far off. The California Air Resources Board and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti are behind the effort.

The plan offers up steps that need to be taken and benchmarks to meet if the goal is to be achieved. The reason that the plan targets 2028 instead of 2030 is that Los Angeles will host the Olympics and Paralympics that year. If you’d like to read the entire roadmap and see all of the steps, benchmarks, and changes that will need to be made, you can read it here.

These are lofty goals. Hopefully, automakers and motorcycle manufacturers can work extremely quickly to make bikes that people are happy with, but I think the charging station network is what’s going to really be important.