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Long Way Up Is In The Making

long way up interview

Let the Fun Begin

Most riders know about Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor’s epic journies in the Long Way Around and Long Way Down. Now the guys are going to work on another journey called Long Way Up. This time, the duo will travel from South America up to the United States. Boorman revealed the news of this new adventure in an interview.

I’ve included the video below so you can see Boorman admit it himself. He does so at about the 2:12 mark while chatting with Nick English of The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club. Boorman gives some details about the trip, but not too much. He says they will start in South America and then ride up to Los Angeles, California. They will begin the trip “in a few month’s time,” according to Boorman, and include some surprises. Whatever that means.

This is good news for the motorcycling community. The pair’s previous trips have helped bring motorcycling to more people across the world. The show presents an honest and entertaining look at what it can be like to do a long journey on a motorcycle. It’s inspiring, fun, and kind of goofy. And that’s why it’s so well loved.