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Lithium Cycles: All You Need To Know

Lithium Cycles, an electric motorbike manufacturing unit, is well known for having created great electric motorcycles with cutting edge technology. In order to facilitate new riders, special emphasis is placed on making the electric bikes easy to operate.

Apart from producing bikes of excellent quality, their motto is to keep the fun-quotient intact — they make sure that the riders enjoy their electric motorcycles.

Currently, they are interested in increasing the production of bikes for the people of southern California.

The Company Headquarters

The company functions from the city of Tustin, located in the Orange County region of southern California. Spread across an area of 4000 square feet, the manufacturing unit has been set up to create a dream electric motorcycle. The design of these bikes has been inspired from the motorcycles of the past.

If you wish to understand how work is done at Lithium Cycles, feel free to visit their factory in Tustin.

From Where Did They Begin?

The kind of vehicles that ruled the market of the 70s have always fascinated the team at Lithium Cycles. Back then, two-wheeled vehicles such as mopeds and mini bikes had been majorly sought after Hence, seeking inspiration from the designs of these vehicles from past, the team wanted to start something on their own.

Lithium Cycles is a venture to create the perfect mixture of the technologies of the present and the preferences of the past.
The company tries to create a unique amalgam by:

  • Incorporating the recent technologies that have been developed in the field of vehicle manufacturing.
  • Innovating some new ideas from the designs of the bikes used in the past.

Lithium Cycles has been contributing in the design and manufacturing of industrial equipment since 2011. Having started by manufacturing kick scooters and other industrial equipment, the company strives to create electric motorcycles that use state of the art technologies and have top class quality.

Faces That Constitute the Lithium Cycles

The team behind the budding electric motorcycle company is a young and determined group of four individuals.

1. Aaron P. Wong works in the Design and Operations department of Lithium Cycles.
2. Alix Armour manages the Business Development department.
3. Michael Cannavo handles the Marketing department.
4. John Kim works in the Product Design department.

Lithium cycles have also associated themselves with US. Electric Cycles: the reputable electric bike-kits and parts company named for delivering excellent quality and reliable services to their customers. The batteries, motors, and controllers that are used in electric bikes have been garnered from this partnership, and hence, can be trusted to be of good quality.

The Journey of Lithium Cycles

From making kick-scooters to being the manufacturer of the best sports bike of the past year, the company has indeed advanced a long way.

  • In 2011, the company used to run a design studio where they could design tools and equipment for various industries.
  • Gradually, a R&D workshop was set up.
  • The unit started to manufacture kick-scooters: a human powered scooter that needs to be given a push for starting its engine.
  • In the year 2016, the company launched the most awaited electric bike of the year
    — Super 73. The same has been designed by keeping in mind the famous designs of those two-wheeled vehicles that had been making rounds in 1970, along with the recent technologies.
  • Currently, they have started producing an increased number of the famous Super 73 bikes in southern California.

What is the Aim of People at Lithium Cycles?

Lithium Cycles has advanced a lot over the last few years. Let us have a look at the objectives that have kept the team motivated.

  • In the process of building their business, the team intends to help the local bike suppliers. They have been contributing to the economy of southern California, both directly and indirectly.
  • The company emphasizes using clean energy in producing their product and aims for sustainable development.
  • Lithium has been known to manufacture motorcycles that will not consume much electricity, and hence can prove to be perfect for short rides.

What is the Super 73 Electric Bike?

In the spring of 2016, Lithium Cycles designed the first model of Super 73. It was a result of their love towards manufacturing motorcycles.

The design of this Super 73 bike was inspired from the mopeds and the mini bikes that had been popular on the roads during the era of the 1970s. With some new innovative technology, the company created a vehicle of the future.

Being bike enthusiasts themselves, the people at Lithium Cycles admire the ageless design of the old mopeds and mini bikes. The new Super 73 bike presents the vintage motorcycle in different outlook.

Why Should You Consider Getting Yourself an Electric Bike?

1. The craze of electric bikes. Electric bikes are getting famous day by day. These bikes do not require much maintenance. Hence, there is no need to replace the spark plug or clutch. You will not need to take a tour to the gas station often. You can even ride these electric bikes indoors!

2. Due to the increasing traffic, it takes a lot of time to travel from one destination to another in a car. Motorcycle and scooters are a quicker way to travel.

3. Electric bikes are easier to get around in the city. They appear similar to bikes, but have an electric motor for an added speed.

4. They make futuristic sounds, and hence, these bikes are also safe for pedestrians. However, they make less noise than a Harley and are much easier on your ears. The electric bikes are quieter due to the absence of an exhaust pipe. The only sound in an electric bike is created by the spinning of the wheels. These kind of bikes are also environment friendly.

5. You do not have to worry about the parking space. You can park it almost anywhere like a bicycle and it takes up the least amount of parking space.

Why Should You Choose the Super 73 Over Other Brands of Electric Bikes?

1. With Lithium Cycles, you will get free tune-ups for a lifetime, while with the other brands you do not get any face to face support. Their personal customer service pays dedicated attention to all its customers. You can contact them via email or just call them up. You can reach to them on the social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram, and can also chat with their customer care executive on their own website. Customers also have an option to visit their manufacturing house in Orange County.

2. The material used in making the Super 73 is not made in China. All the steel used in the bike is 100% American. Lithium Cycles use reliable parts in making their Super 73 bikes. Investing in the Super 73 bike will not fail you.

3. The brakes in the bike use high air-flow vented disc rotor brakes, unlike others. The motor used in the bike is the powerful BBSHD mid-drive, with high current 3077 MOSFET having a 0.04% failure rate.

4. The design, fabrication, assembling, and even testing of the bikes are done in the U.S.A., unlike the electric bikes of other brands whose parts are manufactured in China and then simply assembled in the States.

5. The seat given in the Super 73 bikes is a very comfortable and wide seat. You can sit on it in a comfortable motorbike position which is better than sitting in an upright bicycle position.

6. The wheels of the bike have lightweight rims with cutouts that provide high acceleration to the bike, unlike the heavy rims in the other electric bikes.

7. The tires used in the Super 73 bikes are the Kenda tires. The electrical components that have been used in this bike are also bought from reputed companies like Lectric Cycles. Even if you face any issues with the Super 73 bike, help would be available to you.

8. The Super 73 bike from the house of Lithium Cycles is very affordable. Apart from practical reasons to ride this bike, it will also increase your style quotient due to the cool and funky look. Every ride on this bike is guaranteed to be fun!

9. Super 73 bikes will reduce your commuting cost, without any negative impact on the environment.

How is the Company Strengthening the Economy of America?

Lithium Cycles is contributing to the economy of California by using all-American items for manufacturing the motorbikes.

They help local fabricators by buying the material from them, rather than importing the material from China.

Lithium Cycles get their hardware from Jet Fitting. The different color powder-coated finishing on the bikes is done in the local shops of California. Even the assembling of the different parts is done in-house. They hire the local welders and other temporary workers from the local employment agencies to make sure that the capital is circulated within the US economy.

The Super 73 bike is the new sensation in the world of electric bikes. Lithium Cycles has a wide range of Super 73 bikes. Here is a list of the powerful Super 73 electric bikes manufactured by the Lithium Cycles.

1. American Made Super 73

If you are looking for a cycle that adds in the necessary power to your rides without compromising on the quality, this is the choice.


  • This is the classic Super 73 electric bike, which is made by using all-American materials. The battery, from Lithium Cycles, is of 1000 watts of power and follows the traditional Californian bike design.
  • You would love the comfort. The comfortable seat which has plush cushioning and the 4.25 inches pneumatic tires absorb the impacts of big bumps on the road in order to give you a smoother ride.
  • The Panasonic battery, when fully charged, can ride up to 20 to 30 miles. The battery has 11.6 ampere hour power and you can fully charge the battery in only 3.5 hours.
  • You can also detach the battery from the bike so that even while it is parked outside, you can still charge the battery staying inside your home or office.
  • You can also easily find the parking space for your bike when you own a Super 73. You will not need a special motorcycle license or registration.
  • There are five levels of pedal assistance on the bike. You can pedal it like a normal bicycle by turning off the pedal assist, and if you don’t feel like it, there is also a throttle lever in the bike that lets you ride the bike without any pedaling.

We loved the fact that you can customize the Superbike according to your needs. The additional features of this bike like the USB outlet, rear light, bottle opener, and a cup/cellphone holder doesn’t hurt, too.

2. American Made Super 73 Premium Color

You would find this one in many colors and the high quality powder coated paints make these a great buy when it comes down to the aesthetics. On the performance front, the bike, when fully charged, can cover a range of 20 miles.


  • You have a decent speed out there; the bike runs at a maximum of 27 miles per hour.
  • It’s ideal for any rider whose weight lies between 275 and 300 pounds.
  • This bike uses the Panasonic powered battery which has a power of 116 Amp-hours.
  • Fully charge the battery within 3 to 5 hours. It’s 48V Input AC 100-240V.
  • The battery power is 1000 watt with Bafang BBSHD mid-drive.
  • The motor in the bike has a thumb throttle. You can also pedal the bike if you want to exercise your legs, just switch off the motor.
  • The materials used in the bike include steel and the powder-coated paints. The bike will not rust or corrode due to the outside moisture.
  • The bike has disk brakes and Kenda fat tires with a dimension of 20 inches and 4.25 inches.

The weight of the bike is only 60 pounds and it can be easily moved around. We loved the wide and plushy comfortable seat, which is 30 inches high from the ground.

3. American Made Super 73 Adventure

It’s a limited edition bike out there for you, which will stay strong even during the longer rides. It’s got a great range too and the bike, when fully charged, can ride up to a good 50 to 60 miles.


  • The bike is made for off-roading experiences with the knobby tires.
  • It comes with a kit which has reflective rims, two headlights, and one rear brake light.
  • There are a good many additional features on offer, including a USB outlet, a bottle opener, and a rear light on battery pack.
  • With a 300-pound weight capacity, it can comfortably fit you and your partner.
  • The Panasonic powered battery takes around 3 to 5 hours to charge completely.
  • You have a good 5 pre-set levels of pedal assistance in this bike, and you can also pedal the bike like a normal bicycle by turning off the motor – great for exercising.
  • The bike has two Kenda Fat tires which are 4.25 inches wide and 20 inches high.
  • You can also hold your cup or other small item in the cup holder given in the bike.
  • You can build a custom bike for yourself. Just order the bike with any custom color you want and Lithium Cycles will create it for you.

We would recommend this bike if you love adventure riding. Just charge it and set off!

4. Limited Edition Super 73 Rose Gold – Copper Plated

Another limited edition rose gold and copper plated Super 73 bike offering from Lithium Cycles, it’s sure to make heads turn while you take this for a ride around the town.


  • You do not have to worry about the gas money anymore.
  • The 3.2 inch DPC-14 display helps you choose your power option and see current speed, distance, and the time.
  • With a 4 kilogram weight, it has a waterproof connector. You can even lock in the battery with a key, which can later be unlocked and charged inside your home.
  • You can even know how much your battery has been charged with the battery level indicator on the battery case.
  • The bike has high torque with the 1000 Watt powered electric motor.
  • The bike, coated with real copper, comes with a clear paint over it to protect its luster.
  • 5 levels of pedal assistance have been pre-set in the bike.

This one’s pretty much like the other ones, except the fact that you have a great 3.5 inch display that makes your ride a lot more interesting.


You can order any of these above models and customize it according to your needs. These models can also be bought directly from the Lithium Cycle manufacturing house in Tustin, California.

Currently, there are about 130 dealers operating in the U.S.A. for the service of Super 73 bikes. A lifetime warranty on the frame and the fork of the bike is ensured upon purchase. The electric components that have been used in the bike come with a warranty of one year.