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Liger Mobility Reveals Self-Balancing and Self Parking Scooter

Liger mobility

Smart Tech, Smart Solutions

How cool would it be to have your scooter parked away in a tight space and be able to call out to it and have it come right up to you? How nice would it be to sit at a stoplight and not have to hold your scooter upright? Well, Liger Mobility wanted to make a scooter that could stand on two wheels by itself and park itself. The small company has succeeded. 

This kind of technology has been tried by other, larger manufacturers like Honda, but this is the first application I’ve seen of the gyroscopic technology used in a small bike like this. This kind of technology makes way more sense for a small scooter rather than a bigger motorcycle. Small scooters need to maneuver in tight spaces and a self-balancing feature would make that easier than ever before.

Liger utilizes a gyroscopic system paired with some seriously smart electronics to make the electric scooter work. This sounds like the perfect urban mobility option to me. The team that developed it is in India. It was designed for the Indian market. According to MoreBikes, the system could even be retrofitted to older bikes.

Small scooters like the one Liger fitted with its tech are popular there, and it could even be seen as a safety system for riders. This is innovative tech and something I’ll be watching in the future. Check out the video below to see it in action.