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Life-Size Lego Britten V1000

Britten Lego

Quite the Replica

Most lego motorcycles are small toys. But what if you build a life-size replica of one? That’s exactly what you see here. Brickman, Ryan McNaught, is one of 14 Lego Certified Professionals in the world. One of his latest projects was building Britten V1000 out of legos. McNaught built the motorcycle replica for a toy shop in New Zealand.

Brickman is based in Melbourne, Australia. Any of the works that are shipped overseas get their pieces glued together so that they can be shipped and arrive intact at the destination. There’s plenty of videos out there about the build, and the attention to detail is nothing short of impressive. 

The design is first laid out in its entirety so that he knows what goes where. McNaught uses a computer to build the design first to make sure he has everything right. From there it’s all about getting the pieces in place. In this case, it’s about getting all of the pieces glued in place.

The Britten V1000 for those of you who don’t know was a handbuilt racing motorcycle designed and built by John Britten in the 1990s. The motorcycle won the Battle of the Twins at the Daytona International Speedway among other races. Britten is from New Zealand, so McNaught’s efforts are fitting.