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Do I Need a Lawyer after I’m Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident?

UK Motorcyclist Fatalities increase while Total Casualties Decrease

(Contributed post for our North American readers)

In 2014 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recorded more than 92k motorcycle accidents. In California, for instance, the motorcycle fatalities increased from 490 in 2014 to 540 in 2016. Additionally, the deaths for not wearing a helmet increased rose up by 2 figures to 25 in 2016 from the 23 in 2015.  Even more damning is that this figure is not getting any better, and if anything, the recent statistics show an increase in the number of motorcycle accidents.

California motorcycle fatalities increased 11 percent from 494 in 2015 to 548 in 2016. Deaths from motorcyclists without a helmet risen by 9% from 23 in 2015 to 25 in 2016. California’s motorcycle fatalities accounted for 15.1% of total motor vehicle deaths in 2016.Sep 16, 201

That said, motorcycle accidents are unique in that, in most cases, they result in serious injuries.

Now, if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, I know you might be wondering whether you need a motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles, CA.

This is particularly true if your insurance has already contacted you or even another party is offering to compensate you for your injuries or damage. In such cases, you might be wondering why it’s even necessary to retain an attorney-after all, it seems like a waste of money, given that you can also represent yourself, right?


We recommend that you retain a lawyer, regardless of the accident circumstances.

Beyond legal representation, there’re other numerous ways that an attorney can help you, and having an attorney guide you the legal process is essential for the success of your case.

If you’re still on the fence on whether you need an attorney for legal representation after a motorcycle accident, stay with us and learn why.

Focus on Recovery

Most motorcycle accidents are grisly and often result in serious injuries.

In such instances, the last thing you would want is to focus on your compensation rather than your health and fast recovery.

By retaining an attorney, you’ll have the peace of mind that they’re representing your interests fully, and in turn, you’ll have time for a fast recovery.

Determine whether you have a Legal Claim

Motorcycle accidents are different, and not every one of them gives you the right to sue for compensation, and this is regardless of whether you were injured or not.

In some cases, you’ll be surprised to find out that you’re culpable and risk getting jailed.

So, before it gets to this point, retaining an attorney will help determine whether you have a right to sue.

They’ll easily go through the facts, and determine whether it’s worth pursuing the case.

Take Your Case to Trial

Not all motorcycle accident cases result in a settlement, and at times, the cases need to go through a trial, which in most cases is challenging, and it requires legal expertise.

If a case goes to trial, for instance, it will require you to do the filling, attend the preliminary hearing, collect evidence, question evidence, and collecting opening/closing statements.

As you can see, some of these processes are tiring and challenge to perform, especially if you don’t have the legal expertise.

An attorney, however, understands how to strategize and access evidence to the court records, and examine witnesses in such a way that will set you up for success.

Protection of Legal Rights

It doesn’t matter whether you’re at fault or even whether you’ll get compensation for the damages, but retaining an attorney will ensure that your legal rights are not violated.

Remember that an attorney understands the law and has specialized in the legal space, meaning they’re cognizant of the laws and when your legal rights are violated.

Negotiate Fair Settlement

Coming to an amicable figure in a settlement process is always a challenging process, especially if you don’t understand the art of negotiating.

This is not to mention that some of the insurance providers usually use underhand tactics,  to cancel your compensation or offer a less-than amount.

Remember that a majority of the insurance entities are in a business like any other and are in it to make profits. In most cases, they’ll try to keep the overhead costs to a minimum.

With an attorney, however, they’ll negotiate a fair settlement offer that accurately reflects the value of your case.

Here, for instance, your attorney will look at several elements and beyond the injury claim; they might even include lost wages, emotional detachment, loss of a loved one, and even the pain factor.