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Lane Splitting Is Close to Becoming Legal In Oregon

Oregon lane split

Not Quite There Yet

Lane splitting is a hot topic for many motorcyclists and state legislators right now. More states are considering laws based around the practice. Oregon is currently considering a bill that would legalize lane splitting on the state’s roads. However, Asphalt & Rubber notes that the bill, HB2314, is currently halted with the joint transportation committee.

If you’re a rider in Oregon, there’s actually something you can do. The organization Lane Share Oregon is asking for riders in the state to reach out to state representatives to help push the bill through. It has made it extremely easy to do so by putting up a simple outreach program on the website. 

If you’re for lane splitting in the state, simply go to the website and click the get involved button. From there, fill out the necessary fields. According to Asphalt & Rubber’s Jensen Beeler, it takes only a couple of minutes to complete and can help put pressure on the right people to help move this bill along. 

The bill is close to passing, and adding pressure to the people who will be voting on it will help it pass. If you’re in the state and you ride and you think it should, take a few moments to head over to Lane Share Oregon’s website and do your part. It’s extremely easy to do so.