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Lack of motorbike noise testing facilities

Call to challenge exhaust noise fines
Police test exhaust noise at Mt Tamborine

In the wake of recent fines for motorcycle exhaust noise and the controversy of roadside testing procedures, another issue that unfairly affects riders in some states is the lack of testing stations.

Longtime motorcycle advocate Wayne Carruthers asks how riders can access test stations, particularly in country areas of NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

“The issue could be a political embarrassment to those Governments who are reliant on votes from regional areas.”

We asked Queensland Police how riders who want to comply with noise regulations could confirm their bike’s noise output.

They replied that the motorcycle should have a label advising of the decibel level, that all new bikes complied and that “there are exhaust shops that have the required equipment to test the noise level of vehicles”. 

Call to challenge exhaust noise fines
Police conduct roadside noise test

However, Wayne says the location of official noise-testing stations can be an expensive problem for rural riders.

“People in regional areas who have been issued a notice by police can have considerable time and expense wasted just in getting to a testing location to have the notice lifted,” he says.

“In NSW and Queensland, in particular, those in western regions can have 1000s of kilometres to travel with at times up to two days taken out of work simply to attend a testing station.

“This is not practical for many motorists not just motorcyclists and a clear example of the inequity of application of the state regulations.

“The testing for noise and emissions needs to be reconsidered by governments and authorities.”

H says it should be returned to authorised testers as per annual registration systems.

“The systems in place in the some states would surely be an embarrassment to the relevant Ministers and not sit well with regional voters,” he says.

Noise testing locationsnoise noisy exhaust pipes mufflers cars trial pink slips

Queensland: This website (click here) does not refer to vehicle noise testing, while this website (click here) has a pdf re motorcycle noise but no information on location of testing stations.

NSW: The EPA website incorrectly states for motorcycles manufactured after 1 March 1984 is 94 decibels. Many motorcycles sold including BMW S1000RR 2015 have stickers indicating approval with 107dbA. 

There are only eight NSW test centres listed on this website and they are mostly based around the major centres of Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong with only Coffs Harbour and Wagga listed for regional areas.

Examples of the distances a motorist would need to travel in NSW are:

Broken Hill – 1500km round trip to Wagga Wagga

Bathurst – 280km round trip to Richmond

Dubbo – 660km round trip to Richmond

Coonabarabran – 1150km round trip to Wagga Wagga

Tamworth – 600km round trip to Coffs Harbour

Tenterfield – 600km round trip to Coffs Harbour

Victoria noise testing locations (click here).

Tasmania noise testing locations (click here).

South Australia: Noise Testing appears to be done by DPTI inspection stations.

Western Australia: Only six authorised private Noise Level Assessors are listed.

ACT and Northern Territory: Unknown

  1. These cops are just legends – seriously – get out there and tackle some real threats to society – crime for example …

    Clowns. All of them.

  2. Totally agree , its all very well to go after noisy bikes but where is the professionalism and accountability of Police forces that trot out these punitive campaigns . We can only hope that they and their politician masters feel some heat back for their lack of testing stations ,outdated signs etc and contradictory and confusing information surrounding this subject .

  3. They are wasting time and money because they only target lone riders, there’s no way they would even stop a large group of e.g. Harley riders. What I have seen them do for them is close intersections to allow the groups through.
    Cops are only after the easy targets.

  4. I don’t have a problem with nice sounding or loud pipes only the idiots who continually go for peak Decibels every time they take off.

  5. I shouldn’t have a problem with noise on my motorcycle but am just curious and you might be able to answer. I live in southern NSW not far from Mildura, Victoria, so if I had to get my bike tested I would probably have to take it to Wagga, approx 570 km away, however when I check the Vic roads site they list a place in Mildura (Mitchell Truck Repairs) as being an approved tester, funnily enough there are several places in Mildura which can do NSW road worthy checks in addition to Vic roads tests. My question is why cannot NSW bikes be tested in Victorian approved establishments? After all they must have the correct equipment. This would also be helpful for any Broken Hill riders to save a 1500 km return trip, which would become a 600 km trip.
    Your thoughts?

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